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    PW80 intermittent spark issue

    Anyone have info on why the secondary circuit on the ignition coil reads open but still gets a spark? The bike is running great right now but have a feeling it will start acting up again with the readings how they are. Thanks
  2. Hey guys I am working on a 2005 PW80 for a friend that is trying to ride this weekend. It was running great all day, then just wouldn't crank. Had a very weak spark. I have taken all of the connectors apart, cleaned and reconnected. I followed all of the troubleshooting instructions from the manual and have come up with these readings using a fairly nice multi-meter. Stator: 148 ohms (spec: 200-300 ohms) Primary ignition: 25 ohms (spec: .32-.48 ohms) Secondary ignition: open (spec: 5.68-8.52 ohms) The secondary reading is the spark plug contact, to the feed wire on the ignition coil. It reads open, yet I get a spark. I pulled the stator and cleaned the grime from the inside. Also splashed it with some WD-40. Checked spark again and it was slightly stronger. All the readings remained the same with multiple testing before and after cleaning. Ambient temperature about 68*. After all of the cleaning and testing, I reassembled the bike. Gave it a few strong kicks and it fires right up and purrs. It runs very strong. New OEM carb, filter, 110psi, fresh gas, plug, chain etc. Does it seem like both the stator and ignition coil need to be replaced? Thanks for any help!

    Valve clearances WAYY off 2006 Yz450

    As far as the timing goes...Should I worry more about the 12 vs 13 pins or the punched marks lining up properly with the head at TDC. I read a thread on here early and never came to a conclusion. If I set it to 12pins the exhaust mark is higher then the cylinder head while the intake is perfect. At 13 pins both the exhaust and intake marks linke up perfect.

    Valve clearances WAYY off 2006 Yz450

    Ok so basically there was a nut job doing the valve adjustments. I made a drastic shim change and am close, taking it back apart now to dial it in. Thanks for the quick responses! I will post up how she runs when I get it back together!

    Valve clearances WAYY off 2006 Yz450

    The cam journals look to be smooth and in good shape. The motor is clean, no carbon buildup that I can see anywhere. There is no galling on the cam itself or the journals. Im thinking it was shimmed incorrcetly by the previous owner.

    Valve clearances WAYY off 2006 Yz450

    You can see the circles worn on the shims themselves. There are two caps that have very noticably different wear marks then the others. Do they wear marks indicate anything?

    Valve clearances WAYY off 2006 Yz450

    They have circles worn into them on both sides. The intake shims are as follows from right to left 1.84 1.85 1.85 - exhaust shims 1.80 1.80 I will shim it to spec but that just seems like a huge jump for .30 to .20 to get the exhaust back in and from .28 to .10 on the intake side Thanks for the quick response!
  8. I just bought a 06 YZ450F with a hard start issue. Got it for a screaming deal and couldn't pass it up even with the known issue. Previous owner says when the bike gets hot it starts losing power and its hard to start when hot. Sounds like valves to me so I went ahead and took it apart to check the clearances. It almost seems like someone shimmed the intake valves at exhaust valve specs. Valves tighten up as they get worn and need adjustment, not losen. My intake valves can fit a .279mm easily. The Exhaust valves fit a .305mm in easily. I have not pulled the caps to see what shims are in there yet but that is the next step. Anyone have input on this? Just a careless valve job or is there something else that could be wrong? It is at TDC Thanks, Justin
  9. 2003 CRF450 stock So I had a problem with the bike not being able to be kicked past half way making it feel like the piston was siezed but I pulled the plug and it kicked fine. The timing was off and I fixed that already, I need a new cam tensioner because the chain is very loose. The exhaust valves were perfectly in spec. The intake valves however were giving me trouble. I couldn't get a .006 through the left intake for a while, and then it went through fine, but now I cant get it through. The right one I could never get through. Im wondering what is going on, I definitly fit a .006 through the valve once, but now it wont and I cant seem to get any other through making me think its on 0.00. Do you think the valve seats are stuck or its on 0.00? I am just confused now since I made it go through one time already. Thanks

    03' wont kick or start: Help

    I am leaning toward the timing as well, I knew the chain needed to be tightened bad because the engine started to "rattle" louder then these 450s already do and I knew it was the chain. I only rode for about an hour that day, pretty easy, then put it up and now this. I know the engine is not siezed or frozen. I have a manual back home so I should be able to figure it all out, is the timing something that is hard to dial in on these bikes? What does it mean if I can roll the wheel backwards in the highest gear? Thanks guys

    03' wont kick or start: Help

    Im not worried about it firing though, I need to figure out what the problem with the "jammed" kick starter is. It doesn't kick down, feels jammed like locked, but I know the engine is not siezed because the one in ten times it does go down, you can here the piston move up and down. could the cam chain have gotten so loose it is jammed or off the teeth? any ideas????

    03' wont kick or start: Help

    It feels like its siezed, but it rode and started fine the last time I rode it. I would tear into it and just look but my parents would kill me if I left a bike torn apart in the garage till I came back home.
  13. I got an 03 crf450 and I rode it about three weeks ago with no problems. The cam chain needed to be tightened by the time I put it up, but wasnt to bad. I havent touched it since that ride and never adjusted the chain. Now when I try to kick it, the kickstarter wont budge but one in every 8 tries. Like its locked up almost...but it ran fine and started fine last time I rode. I roll started down a huge hill and got a little turning over noise out of it but never fired. Most of the time the tire just drug. Im in college and dont live at home where the bike is so I cant tear into it blindly and not have time to get it done before I go back so is there anything that "lightbulbs" to yall with the above symptoms? Thanks
  14. I was at Durhamtown having an awesome time and I layed my bike over once on the track. Pick it up to find all the oil draining out of the left engine case. The Sight glass got knocked out into the case and left me with no oil. Has this ever happend to anyone? I need to figure out how to press it back in. It is a SNUG fit and I don't want to damage it since I want to ride this weekend too. Anyone have any idea how to press the sight glass back in. Maybe lube it up and use a clamp? Thanks in advance

    Still having problems....help

    No advice?? Come on need this fixed