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  1. Hey guys, I used to ride a 2001 yz250f. I had to sell the bike because I moved away for university. Well, I'll be finished up school in April (right when riding season where I live gets going) and I'm looking to get another bike. I'm definately set on KTM but I'm not sure which model I want to get yet. I'd like to get another 250f but I have a few concerns about it first. My Yamaha was pretty much bone stock and I liked it in the woods except for a few things. First of all, the suspension, especially the forks, was terrible in tighter and more bumpy stuff. It was great when the trail opened up and on bigger hits, but I just got beat to death on choppy stuff. I'm assuming the KTM will be worlds better here. The second thing is power. I liked my Yamaha's motor if I was in race mode and riding hard or when the trails were a bit more open. If the trails were tighter, it was fine too. Where I had problems was technical uphills. The Yamaha was just geared too high and it would sort of pop-stall if I let it lug too much. I had a chance to ride around for half a day on an 05 450. I was absolutely amazed at how easy that bike was to ride. The suspension just soaked up everything and the motor felt like cheating. I could climb anything on it. It was just so forgiving and easy to ride. I know that a 250F won't be quite as easy and forgiving but I'm hoping it will at least be somewhere in between the Yamaha and the KTM 450. I'm only 5'9 tall and weigh about 160 lbs so I don't really need a 450. I love the power but I also love being able to really flog the smaller motor. What do you guys think? Will I be happy with the 250 xcfw or xcf? Should I just step up and get a 450? I don't race anymore, I just ride for fun. I live in the interior of British Columbia. We have some decent hills around here for sure.
  2. I would never get a 525. I hardly used the power that the 450 had to offer.
  3. Optik

    400xc-w or 450xc?

    I'm actually trying to decide between a 250, 400 and a 450 right now. At this point, I'm thinking that I'm going to get a 400 and ride it for a while. If I need more power down the road then I can always put in the 525 crank for a long stroke 450 or the 525 jug for a short stroke 450 if I feel the need for more power.
  4. Hey, I haven't dirtbiked in the last two years since I've been finishing up my college degree but I'm done in a few more weeks so I'm looking at bikes again. I used to own a 2001 yz250f and a 1997 kdx220 prior to that. I rode 95% woods. Our trials are a good mix of tight stuff and open stuff with some big hills. I live in the interior of British Columbia. For the most part, I loved my 250f. I didn't like the suspension for tighter woods (obviously, I never had it revalved) and I hated it for climbing tight hills where you couldnt keep your momentum up. I had a chance to go riding a few weeks ago on a borrowed 2006 ktm 300 xcw. It was a nice bike but definately not for me. During that day, I had a chance to ride a 2005 ktm 450 and I loved it! I was honestly at least 1.5 times faster as soon as I jumped on that bike compared to the 300. It was really amazing. I loved the way the 450 climbed hills. It did feel a bit heavy but the heavy feeling was more of a planted feeling than anything. I'm a pretty small guy, 5'9 and about 160 lbs so I'm thinking that maybe I should be looking at the new 250 instead. I don't ever plan on racing, I just ride for fun so I don't think a 450 would be too much bike or anything. I probably would be faster on the 250 though. I would probably have more fun riding the 450. Anyways, if you guys could throw down some opinions that would be great. Thanks
  5. For a 2001 yz250f. 2003 exhaust cam. If you havent yet, make this first! Suspension serviced. Revalve while you are at it if you feel the need. If you are still on the stock top end then do a top end rebuild. While you are at it, get a 262cc kit if you feel the need. I've heard that a pipe in combination with a big bore makes a really big difference so that may be something to consider as well. It should be easy to find a used pipe now.
  6. Optik

    best year to buy used?

    If you are truely on a budget, than any of them will do. Unless you are racing competitively, you will be at almost no disadvantage. I had a 2001 yz250f and loved the bike, never had any problems with it whatsoever. If you do have the money, a 2003 or newer is better than a 2001 or 2002 because they did lose about 7 lbs of weight and had a better seat/tank combo (although I like the 2.1 gal tank on the older models vs the 1.8 gal tank on the newer ones).
  7. Optik

    I NEED a new bike!!!! Help!

    Hey, Where in British Columbia are you from? I live in the Okanagan Valley, in Kelowna to be exact. Anyways, I ride kinda what you described. Trails, hill climbs, messing around and a bit of jumping. I used to ride a 2001 yz250f as well, only reason I sold it was because of university and no money. Absolute best all around bike there is in my opinion. You would love one. A wr250f would be great as well. It has nicer suspension and lights and such but is a lot heavier and has less power unless you modify it which can be a bit pricy depending. I don't like the heavy flywheel and the wide ratio which the WR has. For me, the yzf is perfect.
  8. Optik

    Best tires for Arenacross?

    Michelin Starcross MS or MH series. I had the MH2s on my 250f and they were the best tires I've ever used.
  9. Optik

    My YZ250F

    The bike has good top end pull, you don't need more. It just feels like it has less because there is so much more power in the low and mid range. There is also no real "hit" in the power either.
  10. I'm so glad I live in Canada sometimes. Up here, we just buy a bike then go ride it. No registration or anything. No one says anything if you ride without spark arrestors here in the bush either. It probably is law but our forests are almost completely unenforced.
  11. Optik

    What can I expect with...

    I'm good at jetting my bike. I had my 2001 tuned with the BK/DOC mod and such. It had absolutely no bog, started first kick cold (gave a healthy twist of throttle first) and first kick hot almost everytime. What I'm worried about is will the jetting become super sensitive? I don't mind spending the time to get the bike set up properly but I don't want to be switching jets out everytime the temperature changes a few degrees. Also, what can I expect horsepower-wise from these mods? I'm thinking that since it is a big bore, cam and porting that 40 hp is not too far fetched because I've heard of modded 250fs pushing 40 hp without the big bore kit.
  12. So I want to get another yz250f. I don't really want to spend all my money on a brand new bike so I'll be getting another used one. I'd like to add a 262cc big bore, hot cams, and an aftermarket header (maybe a muffler if it helps). What can I expect from these mods? Will the bike still rev nicely like the stocker? Will the bike be a pain to jet and keep running correctly? Where will I feel most of the power gains? What I'm hoping for is a bike that pulls harder off the bottom, has a little more torque for the technical hills but still has big mid range and top end because that is where I ride most of the time.
  13. Optik

    250f motors too sensitive

    Well I had a 2001 yz250f that I sold about a year ago. I only sold the bike because I was getting out of dirtbikes and getting into streetbikes... what a mistake that was. Anyways, I beat the crap out of that bike. After four years, it was still on the original top end and the valves were all still in spec. I had to adjust them twice. I did ride woods (only on an mx track a few times) so the bike probably didn't see the kind of rpms that a motocross bike did but I certainly rode it hard. It got really hot several times chugging up hills in the summer (lost coolant several times), it bounced off the limiter several times ripping around in the sand, it saw extended periods of high rpm climbing some massive hills and it took everything with no problems. As far as regular maintence went, all I did was change the motor oil often and keep the air filter really clean. Other than that, I checked the valves once in the winter and once mid season and adjusted if necessary. I serviced the suspension every winter and serviced the linkage and steering twice a year. That is all I can think of. Most reliable bike I had ever owned. I would recommend one in an instant.
  14. It's possible to put the WR 1st gear into a YZF correct? I'm getting another yz250f (used to have an 01) after trying to decide what bike to get for the woods. I'd like to be able to run 13/49 gearing so it will pull a little longer in each gear (I used to run 13/50) but I also want a lower first gear. I know that the 2nd gear ratios on the WR and YZF are the same, according to the thumperfaq anyways. I can't really see a disadvantage of putting in the WR 1st gear. The bike certainly has enough power to pull the wider gap from 1st to 2nd then has close ratio all the way up from there. With a final gearing of 13/49, there would be plenty of top speed as well. Will this work?
  15. Optik

    G2 ergo throttle tube and cams: hype?

    I know the guys at KTMTalk were raving about them. It seems like most of the guys who like them are on 300cc 2 strokes or big bore 4 strokes. Personally, I never found the throttle to be too touchy on a 250f so I don't see where the benefit is.