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  1. I was wondering if it's common to see some aluminium particle in the used transmission oil of my 05 CRF250. I believe it is clutch particle, am I right ? It's very small though.
  2. Diesel + Soapy water, then I rinse with cold water and dry it with an air compressor
  3. The weird thing is that once the chain is properly adjusted, everything is ok for 4-5 spins. After, it gets tighter. If my sprocket was bent, it wouldn't be ok for the 4-5 first spin. no ?
  4. Everything is stock including chain and sprocket. From my point of view, the sprocket seems alright.
  5. what's the average difference between the tightest point in the chain and the loose one. Mine is about 0.75 -1 inche.
  6. If the chain wouldn't be straight, it would always be the same chain slack. However, when my adjustements are over and everything is ok, I spin the wheel 5-6 yimes and it gets tighter.
  7. This evening, before doing some laps, I looked at my chain and saw something weird about it While the bike is on the stand and I make the wheel spin, the chain tightens. At the beginning, the chain slack is ok, and after 5-6 spin, it's getting tighter and tighter.. 1- My adjustments are the same on both side 2- The chain is brand new ( 5-6 rides ) and oiled. 3- My rim is not bent. 4- Everything else seems ok. ??
  8. Today, I changed for the first time the transmission oil in my engine. Like my other bike, a 2002 CR125R, I was wondering if there is any bolt that you loose to see when your transmission is full of oil. A kind of overflow that tells you to stop filling the transmission. Otherwise, we just put approximately 600-700 ml ??
  9. SRAmotocross.com Look as this. FTPHoleshot
  10. It depends which kind of oil you're using. Mineral Oil = 32-38 :1 Semi-Synthetic = 40-45:1 Synthetic = 50-60 :1 Personnaly, I'm using Motul 800 Factory Line full synthetic at 55:1 on a 2003 KX250.
  11. How do you like your Clymer manual ? I hesitate buying one of these... How are they in comparison with the Honda manual ?
  12. in the middle of the swingarm, upper section ?
  13. Hi everybody,i've bought à 2005 crf250r and i'm currently looking for the service manual, the Honda one. If anyone has one for sale, send me an e-mail at motulsynthetic@hotmail.com, i will definitly buy it. Thanks. By the way, what is the recommended chain slack for this bike.