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  1. I've had mine for several years and have used it a ton! It is a great option when you don't have the need to pull the trailer (5X10 Utility). Make sure to use ratchet style straps to tie your bike down as they won't come loose. Here is a picture when we used it last year for our trip to Moab from Denver:
  2. pogowazzu

    Some more Moab 08 pics from slug74

    Awesome pics!! We are heading to Moab the second week of May...can't wait!!
  3. nocturnal- I bought this exact rack from ATVxpress a couple of months ago and use it to carry my KLX 300. I have used it over lots of 4-wheel drive roads and have had zero problems. Make sure to use ratchet tie-downs as the movement on the back of your vehicle is more extreme than in the bed of the truck. I would highly recommend this rack as one person can easily load/unload the bike.