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  1. I have my buddy's '03 CR250 sitting in my garage with the same issue. I can't see anything wrong with his pipe either ?
  2. Matthes is a hero in my book. I really don't care what he looks like and find it odd that you do? It is so frickin' cool to be able to listen to " motocross sports radio" and I/we have Matthes to thank for it .[emoji106]
  3. Good news / happy ending sounds like Honda is going to fix the bike freebof charge! Pretty classy I must say !
  4. What kinda bike you ride?
  5. I just wanted to thank the jackass on the Sherco at the Shelton Fun Run who was free rev'ing the crap out off his bike to get around me with my daughter on my tank. After passing me and my daughter and continuing his quest for AA poker race win the A-hole pulls the same BS on my 10 y/o in a single line corner! What a douche! The only reason I post this is that maybe some acquaintance of said Sherco dude will call him out as I doubt this post would have any affect on the offender. On another note the PSER's put on a great event and provided my family and I a weekend we will never forget. With help from friends , family and some damn nice strangers on the trail I did 25 miles with all three of my kids, ages 4,8 and 10. It was awesome ! Thanks to the PSER's and all the great people who rode this weekend but the guy on the Sherco can kiss my a$$!
  6. I heard on Pulp MX today that Tomac had a lap 6 seconds faster thatn anyone in the field late in the race?
  7. My nephew rode a poker run with me over the weekend on his 2017 crf250r, which he purchased brand new spring of last year. It was a little warm and dusty and he said his bike was hard starting at times during the ride. I assume this lead to some vigorous kicking. He took a break and then started his bike up and rode a ways when he stalled it or the bike stalled itself. He went to grab his kickstart and noticed the whole "corner" of the side cover was "ripped / broken off" of the rest of the cover. When he got it back to camp we noticed that the section of the center case in the same area was broken too ? Has anyone else seen or heard of failures like this ? This bike is low hours (Under 20). I have not torn it down yet but plan on running it by the Honda shop before I do just to see what they say. Obviously we'll fix it but we're not sure what caused it and are afraid it could happen again.
  8. So if a guy packs 2 chainsaws would he be considered AA ?
  9. Wonderspoon, do you live in the area or ride it on a regular basis ? We are going to be in CDA June 8th thru the 12th. Do you think it would be best to write Gold Creek off or just plan on clearing trail ?
  10. I am taking a riding vacation to Idaho in early June. Our group will be staying in CDA and we plan on taking a few day trips to a few different riding areas. We have a guy in the group who lives in CDA and says he can show us around his normal spots but Gold Creek is not one of them. Gold Creek is a priority for most of us on the trip. I am going to contact the ranger office and see about getting hard copies of the motorized trail maps before our trip. I was wondering if any one might have a recommended route for the Gold Creek area? Where would you recommend staging and what "seqence " of trails or loop would you recommend ? We will probably only get one day there so it would be cool to see the "must ride " sections of the area. We are all competent A/B level riders. Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes I have had that happen on my old 2005. Be sure to replace the kick starter itself as well. If it swings out past 90 deg. It side loads that shaft which in turn causes that load to be transferred to the side cover which can actually break the corner of the cover. Ask me how I know........
  12. I am looking for a roll off set up that gives has the least chance of fogging. I use no fog cloth and spray but in extreme conditions it only prolongs the inevitable. I swear like a pig and even with the foam removed I can fog up goggles in wet conditions. I had a dual pane roll off lense years ago that worked awesome but I have not been able to find one recently ? I prefer Scott goggles but am open to other options. I am gonna man up and try and do a local series and want to have a good goggle set up for wet conditions. Thanks in advance!
  13. Have a KX 65 I bought used for my son last summer. I keep finding gas / pre-mix residue on top of the cases. I have put a new bowl gasket on the carb, new fuel line, checked the o=ring on the drain plug and still have the issue. I was looking at it again tonight and I think it might be leaking out of the idle screw? This might be a stupid question but could this mean the float height is off ? I took the idle screw out and there is an o-ring on it, could it be worn ? I have looked at the float height on before on the carb when I have had it apart but couldn't find anything in the manual regarding height ? Any info appreciated.
  14. Why don't meet me at hwy 169 off 18 and hit mattawa with us saturday,I got room in the truck. Thanks for the invite but I plan on taking my boys for a ride locally on Saturday. I might go for a big boy ride on Sunday. You coming to the SHelton fun run ? How bout the Spark Plug ?