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  1. i do use 3m control tac, we print, lam and install, this design we had help from dirt images
  2. The cost is around $12 per sq ft installed plus whatever the artwork cost here are some more pics (the back doors and hood will be done this week) http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c86/STICKERPIMP/VAN3.jpg
  3. i will post some more pics in the morn. the bottom line is that our van is awsome and i wanted to share it if you got sometning better post it up, most am riders have crap graphics in my opinion so wanted to step it up with something good. my son thinks hes a factory rider in this thing
  4. Nope.. that one is the real deal
  5. just wanted to share a pic of our new graphics. my son is 9 and races MX so the van is used to go to the races on the weekends i own a sign printing and graphic biz. so it is also our shop vehicle to run around town during the week