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  1. damnpanpan

    Oil for 1998 TE610?

    Yeah, it's the left kick te 570cc engine. That info is much appreciated! I did notice a slight oil leak on the left side - I believe from the gasket? Any advice? Could I get away with adding a bit of oil and riding it around a bit? I'm itching to ride this "new" bike and the checkup is scheduled for June 20th... that is forever from now! It is cool having a husky race team's shop in the neighborhood (GP Motorcycles) but it sucks when 1/3 of their mechanics are away travelling with the team. I look forward to riding this beast!
  2. damnpanpan

    Oil for 1998 TE610?

    Anyone know what kind of oil I should get for the 1998 TE610? Also, how much capacity is it supposed to hold. Or better yet, anyone know where I can see a shop manual for this bike online or where to get one? Thanks!
  3. damnpanpan

    Unused TTR125

    You got your TTR125 street registered? Would you mind describing the process and the sources for your parts? Good luck with your project!
  4. damnpanpan

    Street legal ttr?

    I'm also interested in any streeted TTR125 bikes out there... anyone?
  5. damnpanpan

    Roadracing a TTR125

    Yeah, let us know how your mods go - I'm very interested in racing a TTR125 too!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone knows of sliders for the 1991 TC610 since I have a supermoto with that frame and I would like to avoid grinding rare bits and pieces up. Thanks!
  7. damnpanpan

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    Hmm.. very helpful! Do you suppose that I could get the mounting bracket/2 tabs welded to the frame and the then get the kickstand fitted into the the mounting bracket hole? If so, I'll try to order one maybe. Any opinions on build quality/cost versus aftermarket stands?
  8. damnpanpan

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    Did your frame have mounting tabs for the kickstand? Mine doesn't. I'm thinking I might need to weld some kind of custom fabricated tab to mount a stock/aftermarket stand or get one of those clamp-on kickstands. But then again with clamp-on ones, they don't make them specifically for Husqvarna - I might have to do some kind of custom work there too.
  9. damnpanpan

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    I actually have a 1991 TC610 frame that has no mounting tabs whatsoever. I was kinda assuming that Sporthog was in the same situation because he said he made a curved bracket and welded it to the frame. But now, after looking around some more threads, I see that some newer Huskys (TC or TE) both have mounting tabs for the kickstand and the TCs just don't come with them stock. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me since it's such an old frame. I could upload a picture if that helps. Is there some reason that the stock TE stand is the best choice?
  10. damnpanpan

    Aftermarket Kickstands for TCs???????

    Could you please give more detail on this process? I went to the page at http://www.trailtech.net/kickstand_1.htm and there are a bunch of YZF kickstands. Which one did you use? How did you make the bracket and what kind of welding was it? If possible, pictures would be so awesome. Thanks a lot!!!
  11. damnpanpan

    Replacement Plastics for '98 610 TE

    I haven't been able to find anything online either. Probably through a dealer only for OEM plastics. Spray black primer? I don't know how else to do it... good luck and keep us posted!