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  1. smartin_c3

    Obama's Solar Engery land grab.

    Can someone help me with the article below? Where is the location of these 1,000 sq miles of BLM land that Obama just set aside for solar energy study? It sounds/feels like they have a bulls-eye on Johnson Valley. Or, is this old news? http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-desert-solar30-2009jun30,0,5913261.story
  2. smartin_c3

    Arnold's CA St Park Closure List!

    This list makes me sick. Ultimately, the only way we are going have a chance keeping these parks alive is through a fee based system. That's the only way it's going to work...pay as you go. California is broke and once these parks close, it will be very difficult to re-appropriate funds to re-open them. This is the new reality for the Golden State. A couple of more thoughts: 1) I agree this list is fluid, and I expect the "greenies" to pressure the State to keep some of their crown jewel parks on this list at the expense of some of the OHV parks not yet on the list. I expect it to grow. 2) Then again, I wouldn't be amazed to see the "greenies" put so much pressure on Arnold that he caves to all of them. 3) I heard that this will only save $71 million...a drop in the bucket compared to the $24 billion shortfall. 4) Are our green sticker fees toast...gone, stolen?
  3. smartin_c3

    Arnold's CA St Park Closure List!

    I haven't had much time to review the list in detail, but it looks like Ocotillo Wells is on it. http://www.calparks.org/takeaction/may2009_closedparks_leg-match.pdf Comments?
  4. smartin_c3

    From someone who knows

    I agree with pumpkinrider. I have 06 450 exc and had the exact same problem until I sealed up the header and shortened the pump squirt time with a Honda AP. Symptoms are gone! Stick with the JD kit, do these 2 things and keep your valves properly adjusted. You should be fine.