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  1. No, he's just telling him how to have an 'undocumented' dual sport. Apparently, being undocumented isn't a crime.
  2. oldbutspry

    Lights for ttr125

    One wire tapped into one of the wires going into the rectifier - I'm thinking maybe that's where the power came from but not sure. The lights will not burn unless the engine is running. See page 4: http://www.bajadesigns.com/2009/tech/yamaha/dsk_TTR125%20Electric%20Start.pdf
  3. oldbutspry

    Lights for ttr125

    I didn't try to make sense of everything in this thread. A lot of figuring that I'm not sure applies. For example, your power output on the bike depends on rpm and such. Anyhow, I have a TTR125E (small wheels, electric start) with a Baja Designs kit installed. It works fine but the headlight does dim a bit when idling. Driving down the road the light looks pretty much normal - plenty good enough for driving at the speeds this bike is capable of. I am using the standard Baja Designs on-road bulb (don't remember the wattage). My LED tail and brake lights don't seem to have any effect on the headlight. However, my filament-bulb turn signals do significantly dim the headlight when the bike is idling. Obviously, I would use LED turn signals if I had it all to do over again. The lights have never run the battery dead or even down. Maybe they would if the bike sat idling for a loooooooong time but I don't know. In normal operation the whole setup works fine.
  4. oldbutspry

    Girlfriend on my TTR250

    I've thought about installing passenger pegs on my TTR125 but never got around to it. If you do it let me know how it goes. Baja Designs offers three different add-on pegs but they are all for Hondas. Here's an example: https://www.bajadesigns.com/NET/P-210080/Foot+Pegs%2c+Rear%2c+450+X++'09+Billet
  5. Anyone know good places to ride in the Savannah/Hinesville area? I checked out the GA commercial sites listed but those places aren't very close or convenient. I've been looking around for places but a lot of it is too swampy to ride through. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We're riding a KLX650 and a TTR125 so we're looking for trails - no point in taking these to a motocross track.
  6. I'm 5'10" and about 220 but a TTR125 will take me anywhere my KLX650 will go. Just because you CAN ride a bigger bike doesn't mean you NEED a bigger bike.
  7. I grew up in Alabama and start driving motorcycles on the street at 14 (in Huntsville). My first 'street' bike was a PE175. I would ride it to the old airport and then have great fun offroad. Problem was that the brake light kept breaking and I got pulled over a couple of times for it. My father had called the Montgomery State Police office and asked about the rules and was told I could ride anything under 200cc's. But later we found out it had to be under 150cc's. So then I got a Kawasaki AR80. I rode it over 6000 miles until someone pulled out right in front of me. The wreck wasn't very bad but it did total the bike because the parts were rather expensive. Luckily there were plenty of witnesses that plainly saw the accident wasn't my fault. After that I got an XL125. It wound up being just the right sort of bike (the AR80 was a terror in the rain). I drove these bikes pretty far sometimes (for a 14 year old). I went to Gadsden multiple times and regularly took the interstate to Hartselle and Decatur (it was 55mph back then). Too bad they don't make those anymore! Maybe you could find an old one that has just been sitting in someone's garage? EDIT: Forgot to mention - the AR80 was an absolute blast to ride up on Green Mountain. I would go up there late at night and in the early morning when it was foggy and eerie as could be. Of course, this wasn't very long after that guy raped that woman with a butcher knife and drug her down the mountain with a car so that made it extra creepy.
  8. oldbutspry

    Fairing Opinions

    The Buell setup looks much better! Was that $200 using new parts? Maybe it could be cheaper if you got the stuff off ebay?
  9. Ran across this and thought it was pretty good. I ride Kawasakis so they make fun of me too. Warning - it has bad language (but it's funny!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukAhlxl4hmM#
  10. oldbutspry

    What size diode do I need?

    Thanks very much!
  11. oldbutspry

    What size diode do I need?

    Ok, we had to go to town for some stuff so I went by Radio Shack. I wasn't sure which ones to buy so I bought two different packs: 12-Volt Zener Diode (Current 21mA, Max power dissipation 1.0W) and Epoxy Recitifier Diodes (3 amps - 400PIV) I'm thinking the Zener diodes are the ones to use but they look so tiny - can anyone confirm they are actually suitable for the job?
  12. I'm out adding turn signals onto my TTR125E that already has a Baja Designs kit on it. I changed out the handlebar switch and the new switch doesn't have an output lead for the taillight, just leads for HI and LO headlight. No prob, I'll just tap off the HI and LO headlight leads for the LED taillight. I need to add a couple diodes to keep the power from backfeeding and lighting up both HI and LO elements. So, after all that lead-in (sorry), about what size diode should I use? I've got everything installed and all the rest of the wiring completed so I'm anxious to run down to Radio Shack so I can have this completed.
  13. That place has great prices - thanks for the link. I just ordered turn signals, switch and flasher from them. I just moved to Georgia and they require signals (unlike Alabama).
  14. Crazy guy - I want to see him get off the flat field and try some real trail riding with that thing. But first he might want to add a little more suspension....
  15. Happy to be joining you guys. My bike is stock but in pretty good shape with 13k miles. I'm missing the side plate decal and one of the fork protectors has a small piece broken off. Oh, and I found today that I need to replace the rear brake light switch. Can't wait to get it registered and start exploring trails here (I'm near Savannah, GA).