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  1. Brainflex

    Dirtwise with Shane Watts

    His DVD is currently being given away with Dirt magazine here in NZ.
  2. Brainflex

    How good is the TE250

    I have had mine for two years with no problems, trail riding and a little racing. If you are buying new you will get a two year warranty. No one else gives that!
  3. Brainflex

    Service Manual Download

    Excellent link there. Thanks muchly
  4. I finally was able to strip and grease the suspension linkage on my te 250, 2005, and thought I would post what I have learnt. The bike is a year old, used for trail riding, done some deep creek crossings, riding in rain and varied terrain and so yesterday I got stuck in. I stripped it all down and cleaned everything up, inspected, greased and rebuilt. All in all, a satisfying job. Now for what I learnt. The shock bottom bearing is badly sealed and needs doing more often. There was some corrosion in the bearing but no play. The rear grease nipple on the triangle link feeds the link bearings and the swing arm/link bearing, so pump a bit extra in there to get through to the bearing that you can't see. These bearings are pretty well sealed, no sign of water in them. The swing arm bearings were fine but ready for regreasing. no sign of water in them, so sealed good enough. Gotta emphasize that the bottom shock bearing is only sealed by two o rings and needs cleaning n greasing more often than the others. Hope this helps someone.
  5. Brainflex

    Project 530 Husky Sidecar

    Glad to see that all the, errm, eccentrics haven't been locked away.
  6. Brainflex

    ThumperTalk Handle & Avatar

    Its good to find out the thoughts behind some of the usernames. It can show how people think. I like this thread. My username is a state of mind I find myself in sometimes and my avatar is because I am British
  7. I recently fractured my scapula and seperated my AC and have the same numbness/almost pins n needles to my 4th n 5th fingers. My physio recommended some exercises to work the tendons for as they can get pinched or strained by the injury. The exercises helped me so maybe go see a physiotherapist.
  8. Brainflex

    Husky Reliability

    Well you were lucky, maybe time for a lotto ticket? Gotta agree with the 7602 cover. Worth every dollar for peace of mind on the oil level.
  9. Brainflex

    Post up your tank range: TC/TE250s

    100kms before I hit reserve at mostly half throttle, twisty tracks and singletrack. 2005 TE250
  10. Brainflex

    upgrading plastics

    These guys had full sets of husky plastics in red/black. I am sure they would ship over to you. www.topfun.co.nz
  11. Brainflex

    front bearing size te250 ?

    OK, the answer is 6905 RS and it atkes two of these.
  12. Brainflex

    front bearing size te250 ?

    Anyone know the bearing codes for the front wheel on a 2005 TE250? Just wanna get some new ones in before I take the old ones out, minimise down time Thanks Again people
  13. Brainflex

    Help Desperately Required ?George?

    Under UK consumer law a product has to be fit for the purpose it was sold for. Your bike isnt. Tell them you want a refund. Dont ask, tell. If you are dealing with the importer and they cant fix it, then the bike is a duffer. You want a full refund or a new bike.
  14. Brainflex

    7602 rekluse skyda cover pics

    superb looking cover. Barrobuild, how long did it take to arrive? Just ordered mine today for NZ
  15. Brainflex

    Dimensions of sump plug washer?

    Thanks to 5Rs for that. I am just a bit too fussy and dont like to find something that could of been prevented.