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  1. ilhuikar

    Bike Hours

    I've installed a bicycle computer on mine. It tells me, among other things, exactly how long I've been riding. Which is a pitifully small amount of hours, by the way. Way less than I would've estimated.
  2. I'm also thinking of installing a brake light on my '00 kicker. Now there are no dual sport kits or anysuch available where I live, so would a brake light switch from some other bike (Yamaha, KTM) fit?
  3. ilhuikar

    New DRZ400S....What has happened to the Kick Starters?

    My DR-Z is kick-start only, and I've never had any problems with it hot or cold. The hot starter seems to be jammed shut from lack of use, and I don't even have the decompressor lever installed. It's very easy to start.
  4. ilhuikar

    Breaking in a Drz the "Burned" way?

    I suppose this would work for older engines as well? My '89 NX650 is having its engine rebuilt and if things go smoothly, I'll have some breaking in to do in a few weeks...
  5. ilhuikar

    any1 want to sell rear fender

    Is the dirt-only DR-Z's rear fender similar to anything else, say, an RM or RM-Z fender? Anyone tried this? br, ile