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  1. I agree. Check out YouTube for some videos on how to do it. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to get mine back into shape.
  2. jeff03064

    linkage skid plate?

    Thanks! I like it! Next time you have the skid plate off, could you take pictures of how it actually mounts? I have a 2010 450 RR that I'd like to create something similar for.
  3. jeff03064

    linkage skid plate?

    Sounds interesting. Could you post some pics?
  4. Yep! Totally agree with you! I would just like to see his reaction if he knew you were looking into whether it was legit or not with the police. Or, better yet, tell him you'd like to come over and see it with your uncle the cop and see what he says. The whole thing sounds fishy. No title, most likely a lien on it, a bike listed at a "great price", a mysterious owner who leaves a $3000 bike with a friend to sell and then just disappears. Really? He just disappeared? No phone, text, email, forum chat, facebook, no friends of friends that know where he is... nothing? So riddle me this... how's he going to get his money once the bike is sold if no one can get in touch with him? Run away from this "deal" as fast as you can. You're setting yourself up for trouble if you buy it.
  5. Tell him to give you the Vin number so you can run it through the police Department. I would be shocked if this thing isn't stolen. If you want to protect yourself, don't buy it.
  6. jeff03064

    Just put away my overweight friends!

    Huh! Thanks! I'll have to take a look at mine when I pull it out of storage and see if I can do the same thing.
  7. jeff03064

    Just put away my overweight friends!

    Could you please elaborate on "cutting the little ring inside the stock tank"?
  8. jeff03064

    Just put away my overweight friends!

    I have the 3.8 gallon Clark tank on my 2010 450 RR and to be honest there are only a couple rides per year that I "need" that extra gas. Even in those instances, it's more of a comfort factor of having the extra range than the actual NEED to have it. I've been thinking about going back to stock or doing 3.1 gallon IMS tank conversion. As Krannie mentioned, you don't have to fill the tank all the way, and I rarely do. I don't feel like the bike handles like shit with the Clarke tank but I do wonder if it would feel different with a 3.1 gallon IMS tank. Do you think 3 gallons would feel differently in a Clarke tank vs an IMS tank? To me the IMS is more centralized where as the Clarke tag is wider giving the fuel more area to slosh side to side.
  9. jeff03064

    That's what I get for going cheap on radiators

    I'm not trying to defend Chinese junk, but with tolerances off that far, are you sure they even sent you the right one?
  10. jeff03064

    Hydration/tool pack

    Do you find that the Kriega US-10 hits you in the butt much when riding off-road? I have the US-5 and really like it but sometimes wish it was just a little bit bigger. My concern is that it's going to sit higher and be harder for me to swing my stubby little legs over and that it's going to be hitting me in the butt a lot while riding the technical stuff. The US-5 already hits me occasionally but I only carry soft stuff in it so no big deal. It's a top notch bag and I really like it... just wish it were a little bigger.
  11. Power connection for radiator fan?
  12. jeff03064

    Xtrainer trail tech display

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them. From my personal experience I have found them to be an awesome company. I had a TT Vapor on an XR400 for many years and thousands of miles with zero problems. I had another TT vapor on my '10 Beta 450 for about 500 miles when, like I said, water got in during a very bad rain storm. That replacement has gone another 600 miles +/- and is working fine. I also have a TT TTV digital temperature switch for my radiator fan that has been working great since last summer. Whenever I had questions I have called TT and always gotten through to someone knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Like you, I was also annoyed that when I replaced my speedo I would also lose my mileage and hours but with the TT Vapor it isn't a problem. After talking to TT on the phone the said that you could set it so I wouldn't lose any of the info. I added the data from my stock beta speedo and the one that mostly failed and put it in the new one. Meaning my current TT Vapor shows the correct accumulated data that it should. I'm not sure what unit you have but I would imagine that you can correct the mileage so you don't lose anything.
  13. jeff03064

    Xtrainer trail tech display

    I actually did have something similar happen. Went on a camping/riding weekend and bike was left out overnight in a torrential downpour. The next morning we went riding and my unit seemed to work OK for a while and then slowly died as if the batteries were giving out. It eventually went totally blank and wouldn't work. I replaced the batteries and it still wouldn't work. Figuring that maybe water got in there, I opened it up and put it over a boot dryer. (Low heat for hours) It eventually kind of started working again. I got probably 85% of the LCD's back. I did some over the phone troubleshooting with trail tech and confirmed that the unit was junk. The unit was out of warranty. But they were nice enough to hook me up with one at a reduced cost. Awesome company!
  14. Sorry, I think the second story was posted as I was writing mine. Geez man… I don't know. Maybe they really are out to get you. I would do what others have said. Make sure the bike is 100% legal and then go down to the station and talk to the person in charge. Sounds like you're being harassed for no good reason.
  15. Obviously it's a racial thing. Everyone knows that cops hate black plastics. Change those to white and you shouldn't have anymore problems.[emoji3] Seriously though, whenever I read a post like this I feel like I'm hearing half the story. Are you riding like a hooligan? Are you speeding? Is your bike loud? In the post header you listed that the police keep stopping you but then you only cite one example. How many times has this happened?