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  1. Rick Morehouse

    your opinion on this trade.

    Nothing wrong with toy trading. You could rebuild a 2 smoke 3 times for what it will cost to do the top end of a 4 once. Go for it and have a HOOT.
  2. Rick Morehouse

    08' vs. 09' Griz.

    Thanks for the input. I know where there are a few 08's sitting. The shop is asking 7G, I am thinking I should be able to get one for a little over 6G if they don't sell by the last week in Dec.
  3. Rick Morehouse

    Yamaha 08' vs. 09' Griz.

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and ATVing as well. I have been on bikes ( dirt and sport ) forever but now after a nasty highside on my now totaled sport bike and sitting here a little busted up ( seperated shoulder/ broken leg/ hand full of sutures ) I have decided ( with family input ) that coming into my 50's I should consider exploring other horizons. So now to the point. I am going to be picking up a new Griz.700 and have a whole lot of fun with like minded riders from around western Pa. and I was wondering if there were any changes AT ALL in the 09' over the 08'. Or if your advise would be to save a few bucks and get the leftover. Nice forum.....Looking forward to being part of it. Thank's
  4. Rick Morehouse

    New DR650 owner here

    If you want to learn to do wheelies on your DR do your self a favor and learn on the grass or sand. It will cost you less and not hurt as bad.
  5. Rick Morehouse

    Clutch still slipping "after installing new clutch"

    Is that oil synthetic? If so I would say that may be what is going on.
  6. Rick Morehouse

    Exhaust Bummer

    I gave Jesse a call and he squared me away. I am going with the stock can and useing the 155 jet w/air box mod and drilled slide. It's all good. I am going to return the S.Trapp and use the $ for some new bars and bark busters.
  7. Rick Morehouse

    Exhaust Bummer

    I have had a SuperTrapp ISD2QT sitting here forever waiting for me to start my mods on my 92' DR650S. Finally had the time to start only to find out that the exhaust is wrong. I will return it and forget about the S.Trapp. I was planning on putting in the DJ jet kit I have sitting here and doing the air box as well. I think I am going to stick with the 100lb. Gorilla stock can but was hoping of advise on what to do at this point to get some extra power. As I have said I have the DJ kit here and I know how to mod the air box. I have lower gearing on the way 14/15/46. ANY and ALL advise at this point would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank's
  8. Rick Morehouse

    Who makes a good tank bag that will fit a DR650?

    I have a Joe R. Manta bag in small. I just went out and tryed it on my 92'DR650S and to my surprise it fit on there pretty well. It is small but not to small. I use it on my sport bike. It came with rain cover. $35. If you see one at the bike shop ask if you can go see if it will fit. They will let you.
  9. Rick Morehouse

    Happy New Year to all @TT

    }-{APPY NEW YEAR.......May You Be In Heaven An Hour Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
  10. Rick Morehouse

    How to Lighten Up a DR650?

    I am assuming you want the bike lighter for the trails and woods. If you are not real conserned about your top speed I would suggest gearing down. Something like 14 or 15/47 or 48. This will give the illusion of the bike being lighter due to more low end grunt.
  11. Rick Morehouse

    DR650 90-95 manual (here in pdf)

    Me and my 92' thank you for putting in the time to do this. You da' MAN.
  12. Rick Morehouse

    520 conv. with 14/48 what do you think?

    Like I said mine is a 92'. It has the stock 16 tooth on there now with a 46 rear. I would really like to go with the 14/48 but the 15/48 set up might serve me well. Also I was wondering if the tool sold on the site for changing the jets would work to install the DJ kit I have sitting here or do I have to remove the carb? Thank's for all your input....Rick
  13. Rick Morehouse

    520 conv. with 14/48 what do you think?

    I have read that you have to do some grinding to fit the 14 tooth. Will the 15 go on with out any sort of mod.??
  14. Rick Morehouse

    DR650 Accessories

    This is an amazing thread. Went right to my favorites. Thanks ALL for your input. I have a 92' DR650S that I am bringing up to speed and you saved me a bunch of waisted time and $ I'm sure.
  15. Rick Morehouse

    520 conv. with 14/48 what do you think?

    I am rolling with 16/46 on there now and I still have slightly over and inch between the bottom of the chain and the guide on the rear. I don't think the 48 will be an issue at all. I would kind of like to be able to granny around with this thing. It isn't my lightest bike ( 02' KTM200MXC ) so I think that having a ton of low end grunt will make it a lot more forgiving in the tight,muddy,woodsy, hilly stuff we have around here.