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  1. sparkypwr

    do ktm 150's bog more than ktm 125's ?

    I have a 250 exc and can't wait to get a 2012 200.herd they are great. Thought about a 150 but the 200 is set up more for bush. Wheels, bigger tank etc. ......time will tell
  2. Looking at purchasing a new 2008 250xcwf 4s and would like what mod's for woods riding if any. love the look and changes made from the 07.
  3. sparkypwr

    KTM 250 4t or 300 2t 2008 models HELP.

    Thanks for replies. Not long to go for the 08 models to come out here in AUZ. Will deffinitly try both 250 & 300 smokers.
  4. I've just sold my 525 to get a lighter bike. I do 70% woods and 30% open trials. Are these bike comparable in the woods. I would love to have the 250 4t for the woods, but feel in the open trials it would run out of legs(bn 40/50mph). All the guys I ride with have 450 and 525's. Would a 300 keep up with the 250 in the woods? does it have to be riden on the pipe to have any power?
  5. sparkypwr

    CRF 100 for kid

    What about a TTR125 small wheel. My son is 9 and a half and has never ridden before. The balls of his feet only touch the ground. I can get for a good price and well looked after. Is this still to big or should I be looking at a CRF80?
  6. sparkypwr

    Went Orange

    I have also just upgraded from a DRZ400 with lots of money spent on the bike to a 05 KTM 525 EXC with no money spent on the bike and carn't believe the difference in Power and Handling. I just carn't stop talking about it. I'm shaw this bike will improve my riding ability x 10. Orange Orange Orange....
  7. sparkypwr

    taller gearing vs shorter

    My mate has a WR450F 2005 and my DRZ400E05 model. We had a drag race and he couldn't catch me at all. He has a 13/50 set and I had a 14/47. I stopped at about 147km as I ran out of road. I have now change my bike to 13/50 as 90% of our riding is short trail. Its heaps better.
  8. sparkypwr

    3x3 Mod, Better or Worse?

    After the 3x3 mod and stage 2 jet kit, does this make your DRZ more snappier for pulling wheelies??
  9. sparkypwr

    just bought new drz

    I set up a 13/50 spocket set-up on my 05 DRZ400E as I do 90% single trail riding, and it is ace.....
  10. sparkypwr

    spocket setup any thoughts 13/50?

    You might be right. I'm going to keep my 14 just in case. l thought l would try a 13 on the front, and saves thinking what a 13 would be like. I ride with a mate thats got a WR450f 2005 model, and l just blew him away. He said that he couldn't catch me. l stopped when my bike hit 147kph, as l was running out of road. 85% of our riding is tight woods and when we hit the bush roads 60 to 80 kph only. l'm picking it tomorrow and riding this weekend!!!!! Carn't wait. will let you know
  11. I am having a 13 on front and a 50 spocket set-up on the rear of my DRZ400E. Anythoughts of what it will be like in the Bush??
  12. sparkypwr

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    Is the 450 harder to handle or are they the same for all round type of riding? Slow tight stuff to fire breaks to dirt roads?
  13. sparkypwr

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    Has the 450 got more poke than the 525 down low? Is it harder to handle than the 525 or other way round? I will do a good mix of riding styles and still not shore which way to go 450 or 525? Going tomorrow to hopefully buy one.....