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  1. Garth Knight

    biggest problem with crf250l is gearing...

    You are complaining the gearing is too short but you have already made it shorter than stock by changing to a shorter front sprocket. And now you are considering a shorter rear sprocket? For a stock bike ridden mostly on the street the stock gearing is best. Sorry didn't realise this was an old thread.
  2. Garth Knight

    300 stroker parts list

    I would be interested if the sleeve sticks out the bottom more on the cbr300 cylinder to support the piston due to the longer stroke?
  3. Garth Knight

    Oil leak or grease?

    I believe some of the early bikes weeped a bit of oil in this area. Here is an old thread https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1190131-oil-leak/#comment-13159696
  4. Garth Knight

    XR400 crush washer size

    David Silver Spares is a good online honda parts store in the UK.
  5. Garth Knight

    CRF250L Tires

    Thanks, I was wondering if anyone used anything else other than just tire irons. I always struggle and worry about pinching the tube, probably just bad technique.
  6. Garth Knight

    CRF250L Tires

    What tools do you people use to make getting the tyre off/on the rim easier?
  7. Garth Knight

    250 Rally stumble

    These bikes are pretty gutless in stock form. 200 miles is less than 2 tankfulls. I would try and buy my fuel from somewhere else, maybe try some more expensive unleaded and see if the symptoms improve. Also these bikes only make 20bhp. At 1/4 throttle is that a flat spot? or is that what 5bhp feels like?
  8. Garth Knight

    NEED HELP installing aftermarket fender elim kit

    Looking at the diagram it is on the right side. Switch your indicators on with the engine off and you should hear it clicking.
  9. Garth Knight

    Anyone recognize this bolt?

    Looks like from a hose clamp
  10. Garth Knight

    Folding shifter levers/shifters

    The rally and 2017 crfl folding shifters have a rubber tip. The folding shifter from a crf150r has a knurled steel tip.
  11. Garth Knight

    2014 vs 2017 rear shock/spring

    Check your shock linkage, I stripped my 2017 when new and it didn't have much grease on the bearings/sleeves.
  12. Garth Knight

    Wheelie off throttle

    I don't know if you can get a pumper carb for the 250? When I fitted a mikuni pumper to my 400 it made getting the front wheel up much easier
  13. Garth Knight

    2017 Fork Seals

    I think it's only the rally model which has longer travel suspension
  14. Garth Knight

    How much weight can realistically be taken off?

    Nearly double the price, and much higher running costs. Not the same class of bike
  15. Garth Knight

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Anyone else get a small oil weep from the oil filler cap?