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  1. Thanks guys. I'll go with the cleaning the "crap" out of it method versus wasting money on a kit that I might not need. Thanks!!
  2. I'll have to second mrmoto's comments. It's obvious how important riding our bikes and preserving our rights is to all of us (thank you very much Future_Trail_Rider). Retaliating and causing damage to person and property is not the way to keep our sport alive for us, our children, and our grandchildren. What ever happened to communication and be-friending our neighbors? Get to know who's around you. How often do we call the cops or take our own friends to court? I made the mistake of working on my bike a little late not realizing that my 70 year-old neighbor was trying to get to sleep. He was major pissed. I immediately went over the next day, made peace, brought him a bucket of clams, six pack of beer, and appologized profusely. Now he's over hangin out in the garage many nights, and shows interest. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching here , but I really feel it's important for all of us to remember how we are perceived by the non-riders in our communities. Tread lightly...I'm out.
  3. Ok, here's what they are advertising (Obviously they don't know how drastically different an '84 is, but do you think this will work for my '90?): "NEW HONDA XR200 KEYSTER CARB KIT for OEM carbs 16100-446-775 1980 - 1984 ALSO FITS XR185 1979 KIT KH-0337A One Kit fixes one carb, bid price is for one kit Kit includes: includes float gasket; needle and clip; float needle; #115 main and #35 slow jet; air screw and spring; misc packing and gaskets and "O" rings as applicable"
  4. Hey thanks. Never thought of the obvious (asking them). I'll drop them a line. I haven't even gone to the dealer. I'm sure their kits are outrageous.
  5. Thanks, Cleonard. I know I'm not going to set the world ablaze with this engine. I think I'll just use it as a place holder until I can get a good 500 mill. If it's bullet proof, even better. Thanks for the advice!
  6. I appreciate you checking into this for me. Any idea what those internal differences might be? I've had a few XR 200s that were stone reliable. From what I'm hearing, doesn't sound like I'd trust the 250 motor to get me too deep into the woods. Probably would just use the setup for the track or close to home. BTW, where you at in Washington?
  7. Cool. Thanks for looking that up for me - And thanks for setting me straight on the 2 vs 4 valve issue. Guess I'll run the motor and see how long it lasts. It's free anyways.
  8. Well, the neighbor said it's a 2-valve. Not sure I guess. It's definitely not an RFVC model. Numbers are : MDO3E-5003043...
  9. Well, I've been wanting to build up a thumper for years, but other projects seemed to get in the way. I was recently hanging out in my neighbor's garage and noticed he had a XR/XL 250 2-vlave engine sitting in the corner. Hmmm, I thought. Needless to say, he was tired of it getting in his way, and just gave the thing to me - carb, coil, harness, everything. Not the 500cc mill I was dreaming of, but I thought it would do. What I thought I would do, is find a home for this engine in an early 80's husky chassis. I've heard it can be a fairly easy swap without much grafting. Has any one done this? I think I will be looking for a 125 or 250 CR/XC. Any suggestions? Is this 250 mill even worth the effort? I believe it's an '83 or '84 - black.
  10. Mom would not have any part in us having bikes, but started on my friend's late 70's MX 80 while she wasn't looking. Neighbor had a clapped out DS 100 that wasn't running and convinced my Dad to let me take it home to get running...I never did, but spent hours coasting it around the property dreaming of riding it. Finally at 14, I wore my parents down and convinced them to let me buy a bike. I saved all the money I could mowing lawns, and purchased a basket-case 1980 RM 125 for $350. I spent more time replacing parts than riding, but I loved every minute of it. At 17, I finally got a real trail bike when I found a cherry 1983 XR200R for $800. The rest is history. Today I have a son of my own and got him a JR50 at five years old. He's got the bug almost as bad as I did. Now seven, the lucky little punk has an '04 KTM 50 SR Pro. What any of us wouldn't have given for a bike like that, huh?
  11. Hmm. Ok, great. I was just told to get a rebuild kit. The bike was sitting for a a number of years. I took the bowl apart, and it was full of green slimey varnished, fuel. I cleaned it out, but it seems to be running rich and fouls plugs. Maybe I should completely tear down and clean.
  12. I have a '90 XR 200, and have been trying to find a rebuild kit for it. Can't find them around. I've looked on e-bay, but I haven't seen any for my year. Will any kit work (besides the RFVC dual carb models of course)? What # jets do I need?