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    Dunlop D 908 140/80 18

    I found I had to really watch my chain slack on a wide Dual Purpose tire I ran a while back or as you said the chain would catch the outer edge , thanks .

    Dunlop D 908 140/80 18

    Anyone ever tried one of these on the back of the 450 x , will it fit .

    jd jetting kit for 08 450x

    Yes the JD Jetting kit works fine in the 2008 450X . The top of the needle jet is built differently but goes in fine .

    Lighter 450x

    You can save just over 2 lbs. by going with a Renton Titanium rear shock spring (www.rentoncoilspring.com). The web site is quite comprehensive and it seems like a quality product but you may want to check that yourself . They are expensive at about $450.00 each but 2lbs in a central location like the rear spring is ideal. Mettec also does Ti axels and bolts but again real pricey ( www.mettec.com ) but great weight saver .

    What is best quiet but performance exhaust?

    I recently put on a stock 2005 R can (perfect fit ) and left the stock header in place and was really surprised how good the power felt and especially how quiet it was . It was barely used so the packing was fresh . I understand that they come up quite often on Ebay , at good prices , I was really lucky got mine free from an old buddy , can't beat that , doesn't happen to me too often .

    Man Funnel For 450x

    I have just about given up trying to change my trans oil without spilling oil everywhere especially as I have the Works Connection skid plate on and can't afford the time to take it off each time . I really must find the time to come up with a solution as I like to check the condition of the oil for filings etc. but usually have a whole set dirt in there as well . I heard the "man funnel " was not available anymore , maybe just for the X.

    How do you fix a slipping grip with the handguards still on?

    I know you will all think this is crazy but we have to improvise a lot down here in the Caribbean. If you are really stuck with a slipping hand grip a little gas poured around the inside of the grip and wait about 20 seconds , it will stick like madman's sh.. to a blanket ...........

    Gas Gas Models - Differences ,need help

    Thanks for information , sorry I did not reply before ,long weekend went riding .That GasGasrider site is real good and has answered a lot of my questions , still can't believe how comfortable I felt on a borrowed bike in really terrible conditions , the handling is amazing . I will go for the Ohlins set up , always wanted to try one anyway.

    Gas Gas Models - Differences ,need help

    Just had one of my best rides ever on a borrowed Gas Gas 250 2T checking out an Enduro course on the Island of Grenada , Caribbean . I think it was a 2006 model (Red ) and I have been hooked . Looked on the web site and there are several 250/300 2 T models such as Racing, Six Days etc. and can't figure out what the differences are between them . The one I rode had an Ohlins rear shock and handled muddy conditions better than any bike I have ever slung a leg over . Can you guys help me understand what the equipment / set-up is for the various models , and any good and bad points . I will most probably try and buy a new 2008 , or 2009 out of Florida if I can find a dealer , no luck with phone calls so far. Cheers Nick ( Barbados )

    CRF 450X vices

    I don't think you will get the same bottom end torque as the 525 but I tend to short shift and have no problems at low RPM with the CRF X . If you have to lug she will lug but for various reasons I don't .

    CRF 450X vices

    Welcome to TT , you'll find lots of very good information available . There are no real vices / issues with the 05 and 06 450 X's but pay attention to the valves . There was a lubrication problem on 3rd gear but this problem was fixed during later models of the 06 ( and by running more oil ) and I will try and find the serial number at which point it was fixed and post it here for you. The valves have to be watched when bike is ridden near the rev limiter all the time and not checked and put back to tolerence ( as do most high performance engines ) .Always run a clean air-filter and change both the engine and transmisson oils frequently and you will get thousands of trouble free miles out of the 450 X. Should you buy a 450 X before the fix to the 3rd gear was done see if you can find out how much oil the owner was running in the trans , always run a minimum of 950cc ,the Honda manual is a bit conservative on the quantity and I think recommends 730cc + or -. Remember all the bikes out there have their indivual problems some quite serious and the ones I mentioned above for the 450X are very easy to avoid by proper maintainance . You will be rewarded by having a great handling bike with fantastic build quality and with aftermarket parts that can let you ride everything from Motorcross to Highway on the X of which I do both with no problems . Cheers Nick ( Barbados , Caribbean )

    Hi, I'm in the Market

    Welcome to the site Alcanara . I like you was looking for a good all round bike about a year ago and after looking at all the KTM's , Huskies etc. settled on the CRF 450 X. It is basically a very sound machine and been very reliable . You may see mention of a third gear problem but this was fixed from the last models of 2006 and as the other guys have said the valve issue only comes up with over reving and bad maintainence . One of the best things about owning this Honda is the availability of parts and the aftermarket is full of really good quality items at "usually" good prices especially in the US . This site has also been invaluable in helping me get the best out of my X. I have friends who do everything form ride to work to full on MotorCross on their X's with no problems , go for it , you won'tbe sorry. Cheers Nick , Barbados , Caribbean

    Removing Back-fire screen from 08 X

    To answer Krannie first we do have some river crossings on a ride we do maybe twice a year so I did not want to open it up too much , but mostly opening the air box will not be a problem . I think also I may be over oiling my filter with a Maxima spray-on filter oil. I've only started using it recently and have been told to go back to the pour on oil. After re-jetting and putting on the R pipe and removing the snorkel I realized there was only a small bit of difference power wise so tried a short run with the air-box cover held open about half an inch and still no big difference in power. I figured it must be the screen filter but as you guys have said removing it should not make a big difference . It looks like I may go with a better flowing filter , and watch how I oil it and cut open the air box.

    Removing Back-fire screen from 08 X

    Have finally decided to remove the back-fire screen from my air filter. Do I need to buy a special filter with flame retardent or am I good with stock Honda filter and stock plactic frame ( with screen removed ). Looked atTwin-Air filter with frame but real pricy . Any advice . Have already re-jetted with JD kit and have on stock 05 R pipe with snorkel removed but still running a bit rich . Do not want to cut air-box right now .

    07 crf450x supermoto

    Thanks , thats really good to know . Are you riding A CRF 450 X on the road or the DRZ.