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  1. Anyone ever tried this kit in a buell dual headlight assembly? Phil
  2. So right now, I have the single H7 running low beam, and the other single H7 running high beam with the stock switch. So how do I make the high and low beam come on together when the stock switch is on high? I was going to just solder a diaode, but I suppose you guys are right I should use a relay. So what type of relay do I need and how do I wire it? Thanks, Phil
  3. But I'm tired of the "Hey one of your headlights is out" talk at the gas station... I want both of them to be lit! Phil
  4. Does anyone know if I can rewire my buell headlights so that both of them will be on in high beam without killing the battery? I have an LED tail light, so that likely saved a little, but will the charging system power both lights and the other stuff without an upgrade? Also - for the wiring, are you guys just soldering a diade between the high and low beam wires, or is there an easier or better way? Thanks, Phil
  5. Thanks for the compliments. I am going to rewire it to both for high. Right now it is one for each hi and low. I will take more pictures during the day. My mounting system uses spherical rod ends with threaded rod to allow up/down and side to side aiming adjustment. Phil
  6. From this: To This: http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/phil_jensen_jeep/album?.dir=/d5d6re2&.src=ph&.tok=phS9BOFB77j7SZs4 That's a Buell XB12 Ulysess headlight, and windscreen. With FMF Q, a supermoto fender, rear mx fender, LED under the fender tail, new signals, tkc-80 tires, clarke tank, moose ski plate, moose bark busters, tag x5 bars, gripper seat cover, fork brace, seal savers, etc. Phil
  7. I just noticed your sig - did you buy freddettes ISDE bike off ebay? Man that thing was a SWEET price. I was trying to get a couple friends to consider buying it. Phil
  8. Yeah, "real bikes are built, not bought" I think my old hobby of building huge jeeps influenced me in that thinking though 8) Phil
  9. You won't get many owners to admit that orange is not the best at EVERYTHING Some day, perhaps in a few years I will upgrade away from the KDX, but it will probably be to a nice CR500AF, now that would be an UPGRADE
  10. Jeff Fredette's got more medals in ISDE than anyone else I think - ON A KDX ;-P Jeff's also the guy who set up my suspension (including the ohlins). I bet it is better than a stock KTM suspension now. Some of Jeff Fredette's acompliments: http://www.frpoffroad.com/kdxposed/ Phil
  11. No shorter silencer for me, I HATE when people ride trails with loud exhausts That is why I got the turbine core instead of a shorty. Keep the loud exhausts on the STREET please... we don't need people with loud exhausts getting our trails shut down! The throttle response is EXCELLENT with all the mods to the carberator ( http://www.rb-designs.com/kdx200-220.htm ) They did the head too: ( http://rb-designs.com/kdx-head-mod.htm ) You really think frame flex is an issue on my 2004 steel perimeter frame? I can't imagine it is. What symptoms make you think it is? Phil
  12. I was just bored at work yesterday so a little fun was in order. Just like the old, which is better - chevy or ford debate (answer:toyota), it is always good for some fun I LOOOOOOVE the auto clutch. So much better when it gets really rough/steep/rooted/rocky. Phil
  13. But there are more differences than the frame...
  14. yeah, an aluminum frame would be cool! I can't justify the amount of work and cost to myself though to save only a little weight. Unless you know of a place to get really cheap aluminum frames? Perhaps if a frame came along cheap - that would be cool for sure! Do you happen to know the difference in weight between a kdx steel frame and a kx125 aluminum one? Phil
  15. No inferiority complex - I think it is superior not inferior to a stock KTM. It lasts 5 times as long, has lots of power, better suspension, stabilizer, and auto clutch. Including ALL the mods it still cost less than a STOCK KTM Nice to just be able to ride it too, without having to fix it constantly like my buddies nearly always broken new KTM's Besides - this is a KAWI forum right? Phil