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  1. MIyzrider

    Yamaha Looking for info on Raptor's

    Looking to purchase my first quad, coming off of a 98 YZ400F dirtbike. I'm thinking a Raptor would fit my riding style. I don't know anything about them so looking for info on which years to stay away from if any, things to look for when looking at something to purchase etc.
  2. MIyzrider

    Question for the older riders..40+

    I'm sure I'm doing a bit too much sitting, I really only feel comfortable standing thru the whoops. I feel even less stable standing in that slow tight stuff. Next time I go up I'll take some time by myself and try some of these different techniques and pay a little more attention of what I am or am not doing. I know I need to be a little more smooth on the throttle. Last season I was going thru the twisties at a decent pace , started to come out of the corner, blipped the throttle ,and the rear tire actually hooked up on some roots, the front end came up , and came back down in some loose brush/sand that was built up on the side of the trail and over the handlebars I went ! It was kind of funny...
  3. MIyzrider

    Question for the older riders..40+

    No, Too many other hobbies to deal with, this is fun but not my entire passion. Our cabin is just outside of Lewiston, so I ride the North Branch loop and the single tracks in that area. I'm sure I'll stick with the bike... I think I was a little frustrated. Thanks for the invite , but just spent last week up there, hopefully I'll head back up in another week. Just for the weekend though. The loops by our cabin are designated ORV routes so as long as you have an ORV sticker you are good to go.. which makes it scary when you come into a blind corner head on with a Jeep and one time 4 guys with helmets strapped into an old GEO tracker mid drift thru the corner.
  4. MIyzrider

    quieting down a YZ400

    Had this bike for 2 seasons, and last year at the dunes I jacked up my muffler which was alway's a little too loud for my liking. So I contacted "Bill's pipes" (the bike has his complete exhaust) to see if they had a replacement. They sent me back what looks like the old one but it say's "Big Gun" on it. It doesn't matter much to me what it is , it worked and is new again except it seems even louder now, even with the new packing in it. In our riding areas we are now allowed to ride into the local towns , so I really don't want anything obnoxiously loud. I've seen some inserts that are supposed to quiet it down but am wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I found one that I can just unscrew the rear cap and it replaces my arrestor screen but it's a reverse shaped cone and the diameter at the tip so small I can barely stick my thumb thru.. I can't see how the bike would run with one of those, then there's the Big Gun quiet core insert for $50. I think that would work the best but I'd hate to spend $50 and find it doesn't. Are there any recommendations other than a completely new exhaust ?
  5. MIyzrider

    Question for the older riders..40+

    Thanks for the replies. I have checked all the suspension on my bike , everything is tight. The suspension has been set up for a #230 rider, I'm about #240. So it has to be close. I've got a Pirrelli Scorpion pro front tire and a Dunlop D739 A/T desert terrian on the rear. Maybe lowering the front some might help. I guess just more practice. I know the bike is a tank, and with the desert tank on it it's even more weight so I'm sure these things are compounding the issue as well.
  6. I purchased my first dirtbike about 5 years ago, before that I had never riden one. The first bike was a 96 YZ250, I rode that for the first 3 years and now have a 98 YZ400F. I ride in northern MI , mostly snowmobile, atv and the gncc trails. It is VERY sandy here. For the most part I'm an ok rider, I'm comfortable on the bike and in the atv and snowmobile trails I can hammer down. It's the single track gncc trails I seem to be having a problem with. I just am not good thru them... very slow and wobbly which makes it worse in the sand. The issue is I can't get the bike to just snap thru the tight corners. I figured the first few years would be tough but I just don't seem to be getting better. I'm almost to the point of switching to a quad, just call it 5 good years and move on. I'm an avid snowmobile and in comparison my sledding skills are about 100% better than my dirtbike skills. I'm just wondering how others my age are doing.
  7. My current "Bill's" muffler and mid pipe is trashed, so I'm looking for something inexpensive that I can bolt on while still using the current head pipe. The head pipe OD is 1 7/8". "Bill's" doesn't have any more so I'm looking for some suggestions. I really don't care about HP, more concerned about noise. Would like it relatively quiet with a spark arrestor and not have to break the bank..since it's already broke, been laid off since Jan.
  8. I scored a Hebo clutch (actually two kits) on Ebay last year and am just getting around to installing it. I am looking for some pictures of one installed. I have done searches in this forum and the WR one and being that the posts are so old the pictures are not in the posts. Thanks
  9. MIyzrider

    Yamaha which front shock for blaster?

    which would be best for a blaster? it is mostly ridden in trails by a 98lb rider , on occasion i ride it (220lbs) . Im looking at a set of 400ex works (pretty beat up,i'm sure they need rebuilding) or a set of 450R shocks or some stock banshee shocks?
  10. MIyzrider

    Blaster & Banshee - same front shocks?

    Thd96, How does the 400ex shock ride ? I have the same one but havent installed it yet. Does it require any special shims or anything to install ?
  11. MIyzrider

    Let's see your 400f's

    Yes, that's my 250 on Ebay. I don't really want to sell it but i'm running out of room. 3 sleds, dirtbike and a quad, and possibly a waverunner after this weekend.
  12. MIyzrider

    Let's see your 400f's

    I've only ridden it one weekend but i love it. my 250 two stroker is for sale now.
  13. MIyzrider

    Let's see your 400f's

    Here's my new to me 1998 400F
  14. MIyzrider

    1999 yz400f MODS

    I just picked up a 98 400 and actually think it doesnt have any lowend. Up top its got way more than i need. My gearing is stock. 14/49 (i think thats stock) The bike also has the zyp tie carb mods, jetting is 168 main, ZT fuel screw 1 3/4 out , stock pilot , and the JD blue needle with the clip in the recommended position for sea level. i dont really know what exhaust is on it , the silencer say's Bill's in it.The bike runs great , starts easy and only lightly pops on decel (don't know if that means anything) . Now i'm new to 4 strokes, the only other thumper i've ridden was an 05 KTM525 sx with some mods. And that seemed to rip more down low. I just figured there would be arm ripping power from idle to the rev limiter but what i seem to have is a very controlable power band, once the motor revs up the bike is a rocket , but down low the bike just seems kind of mellow. i am coming off of a yz250 two stroker , so that the only thing i really have to compare too. The only thing i plan on doing is going up a tooth on thr rear.
  15. MIyzrider

    Silicone hose kits

    Does anyone know if there are any kits available for the older bikes? I'm trying to find a set of yellow ones for my 98 yz400 and havent had any luck yet. i did find one place that would start making them if i got a 100 sets ordered.