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  1. wrbyby

    Not Starting-Hard Starting

    Well that was it, the oil was fuel contaminated. I don`t know why it would cause it to not idle but all I know it`s running great!!....Thanks Eddie!!
  2. wrbyby

    Not Starting-Hard Starting

    I will give that a try and report back...........Thanks
  3. wrbyby

    Not Starting-Hard Starting

    Took the carb off, the pilot was clear and the main was clear, but the slide would only move up part way. Took the top off and saw that the diaphram was stuck to itself so...... fixed that put it back together. It fired up ran good but it starts to idle funny dies then I have a hard time getting it started, got to open the throttle alot to get to start then it just will not fire. So I took the side cover off to take a look at the Stator(no burnt windings),did the loctite thing and put back together. I had the charger on the battery when I was doing all of this, so when I started it back up it ran fine. I started a few times started ok ran fine, go for a ride it was running good then it would die at idle but fire rite back up, got it home then it died , I had to open the throttle to get it to fire, then it would not start. So I let it set for an hour it fires rite up runs good then the same thing it wants to die then I can`t get to start. Could the battery pull enough current fron the system to where it wont run?
  4. wrbyby

    Not Starting-Hard Starting

    06 stock carb,jet kit fmf-q The bike sat for a wile, tried to start it today would not start. It has spark,fuel, compression but just can`t get it to fire. Put in a new plug changed the gas ,valves seem ok. Then it almost started ,fired a few times with the throttle wide open then got it to start but it will not idle or idle for very long but when I try to start it ,it won`t start ,even if the throttle is open I will let it sit for a little bit then it will start(open throttle) runs good at higher engine speeds just wont idle. it doesent seem like the primary jet is cloged, but?? It ran GREAT before it sat.