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  1. what kind of bike where you on??? im looking into getting a trail/desert bike since i live in the high desert. thanks alot.
  2. Yoshi
  3. yes, a aftermarket shock will be a bit taller in the rear and have a much smoother ride, but a aftermarket swingarm with stock shock i dont think will make too much difference. id go with the aftermarket shock then get the swinger later on down the road.
  4. Yamaha

    u cant have my blaster.
  5. Suzuki

    is it just me or are those things kinda ugly?? im sure there fun though
  6. hey, im new to 2 strokes and i just got a 250 and im loving it. these things have some major power. but i was wondering what is involved with the maintnence?? i know i have to clean the filter and mix gas, but what else is involved in maintaning one of these beasts. thanks for all your help.