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  1. freeheeler

    Tech Tip: Shimming valves

    Great post, Thanks. Coulda used it last month. As for trading in shims to the dealer, I just kept mine for later use. They only offered a small amount for them and if you plan on keeping this bike for a while you'll probably end up reusing some of those shims anyway. Also, if you have a micrometer use it. The shim # and corresponding size don't alway match the actual measured size. Mic'ing them can prevent the measure, shim, remeasure, reshim scenario. Thanks again for a great post.
  2. freeheeler

    valve ?

    Thanks for the input guys. Cleaned and reshimmed, she runs great now. I've decided to try and get more hours on her. I'll wait till next time valves clearance runs low to redo valves and seats. I have a feeling it won't be long. Thanks again.
  3. freeheeler

    valve ?

    Hi. Just signed up for TT and have learned a lot. I Had the hard to start problems, checked my valve clearance and surer enough no gap on two and almost none on the other 2. My ? is about seating the valves. I've decided to go with the Kibble stainless and spring kit. Read about revolutionperformance.com seating them for $99, but also saw an add for MXTime.com who says they do state of the art 3 angle valve cutting for $56 with free shipping. Has anyone used these guys? Any word good or bad? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks