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  1. Love the bikes... all of them. But seriously it looks like you never ride them, and i know that isn't true. I can't get mine that clean after riding. What do you guys use to get the light film off the bike? Because my light soap and water after pressure washing isn't working.
  2. WMike03

    350SX Kick starter kit

    I purchased one back in Feb when I bought my bike, haven't received it yet but I did pay for it... I will keep you posted on the install when I actually receive it.
  3. WMike03

    350SXF - Race Bike Build

    I found this online for $160... Am I missing something. A buck and a half is a great price for a super light weight battery.... http://www.fullspectrumpower.com/products_genesis.html
  4. WMike03

    350 sx-f exhaust

    Silly rabbits Carbs are for kids
  5. WMike03

    FMF Powerbomb

    Post it in the classifieds:bonk:
  6. Has anyone tried to clean the motorex biodegradable air filter out yet? I was racing at the desert 100 2 weekends ago and like to have a spare preoiled to just swap out so I bought a twin air filter and no-toil oil. I was cleaning my filters yesterday. Oiled with No-toil, cleaned with No-toil cleaner = Clean Oiled from the factory, motorex Biodegradable, cleaned x2 with No-toil Cleaner = no dirt but tacky oil remains Anyone know if the motorex cleaner is required to get the oil out, or do they in fact not use "Motorex Biodegradable" from the factory? When I switched to no-toil on my old bike, it was a pain and i ended up cleaning the filter with gas and then hot soapy water, repeat, before it was ok and cleaned up with biodegradable cleaner. Cleaning my stock filter felt just like that.
  7. WMike03

    Desert 100 2011 stories, pictures, video footage

    My cousin shot this video, good shot of the crash, Glad to hear he is ok. I like the video especially at @ 1:47... thats me passing for 5th, and I think first KTM through the gate on wave 2.
  8. WMike03

    350 sfx break in

    It is because conventional oil is not quite as good of a lubricant, this will assist in seating the rings, if you break it in with synthetic you wont get quite the seating and thus less compression.
  9. WMike03

    350 sfx break in

    No! that doesn't sound right at all. Mine fired off fine from the minute I got it. Not sure if he meant "more difficult" becaue of break in, can you quantify hard to start? Send me a PM with your email address and i will send you a video of mine starting and you can compare. I didn't adjust my gearing and I ride very tight technical woods, not saying I won't, but hands down this bike handles like a dream compared to a 450 in the woods. I don't think its too fast.
  10. WMike03

    350 sfx break in

    When I bought mine, they recommended a break in cycle of 5-20 minute motos at 75%, with oil changes in between. Break in with conventional oil and then switch to synthetic. Another thing is to check your valve clearance after 10 hours and every 30 hours after that. A good thing to note also is the TPS silicone recommendation, search it on the forum. Good luck and enjoy your bike, I love mine!
  11. WMike03

    2011 450 SX-F Oil

    I love how we spend $8000 on a new bike but complain about $20 a quart for oil... Well I had the same complaint so let me tell you what recommendations were shared with me. Motul is the best option I have seen, quality and cheap.
  12. WMike03

    Poker Run

    Stumpjumpers take note I figure that a week and a half is enough time to make like the Fringe club and paint all the rocks...
  13. WMike03

    Poker Run

    That was a great ride, I recommend it to anyone that missed it! I believe there is another October 16-17th.
  14. I just picked up a Trailtech Striker yesterday, just like the Vapor but without the Tach and with a Voltage meter. First thing, the install for speed sensor was simple, the radiator hose temperature pretty easy as well. The only problem I have is the voltage meter. It says to cut your wire going to your headlight and install the new two prong plug, which would be easy if I had a headlight I am on a 2011 KTM SXF 350. Wondering if anyone has advice on where to run the voltage meter wire.
  15. WMike03

    orv sticker placement

    I put mine inside my radiator shroud on the frame next to the VIN. I also had them on the top of my fork tube, just under the top triple clamp (dont put them at the bottom triple clamp or you will tear it apart when you slide out your forks). I am not sure if there is a hard and fast rule about where to put them but I have been riding Wa trails with DNR checks and as long as they can see the ORV sticker and the serialized month/date tab you will be ok. No need to take the registration with you, never been asked for it in my 20 years of riding here.