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  1. jth5753

    99 125 sprocket help

    I just ordered a new renthal rear sprocket for my 1999 yz 125. the packaging says its for "all yz models 1999-2006." The problem is, the sprocket doesn't fit on my hub, not even close. the diameter of the bolt holes are way smaller than my old sprocket and hub. Anyone else have this problem? or is motosport just trying to screw me over again?
  2. jth5753

    under water yz 426

    I was thinking about buying this 2000 yz 426 from a kid in my town until a flood hit and submerged the bike under water for about 2 days. He still wants to sell it but at a much cheaper price ($1300 maybe). Could this bike still be fine once it is drained, flushed, and re-oiled properly? Are there some major concerns to consider? Or is this bike just a lost cause? The bike was in good condition before the flood, but I havent seen it since. Thanks.