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  1. I had mine up to 104 with the stock gearing.. My bike is no where near stock though=)
  2. I usually just kick my wheel and it gets it to where it needs to be without rubbing=) Happened to me alot when I used to crach(I still do just riding a little slower lately)
  3. I have them all in Black and love them they fit up great!! I used some black graphics with skulls allover them I had laying around to cover my airbox door though=)
  4. Jump on that I paid $7100 OTD in July... The bike will run very lean from the factory stock jetting is 142 I'm runing a 160 right now and need to increase a little still... Also you'll want to block off the smog pump either with a block kit or do my mod and weld it all up internally with JB Weld if you ride where the rangers are jerks(Like I do=) Otherwise the smog pump will cause it to run lean as well..
  5. I liked the look of them but you know they seriously help with the arm fatigue/pump I used to get on my bike... Now if I could only stop getting these damned blisters on the inside of my palms from holding on for dear life when I'm riding=)
  6. that's sweet!!! My lazy ass would be hurting too though..
  7. Sweet so the R graphix do fit on our bikes looks like only that mounting hole ont he bottom shroud is different SWEEEET
  8. I've been running a Dunlop d952 in 120-90-18 I believe it is and I realy like it last twice as long as th original I have a second one sitting in my garage for my third replacement as well
  9. Your lucky my bike is parked till my hot cam shim kit shows up my intakes are within .001 but the exhaust on mine are at .005 OUCH.. a lil tight.. I'm assuming they been like that since i bought the bike new 2months ago
  10. Very good price I paid like $7k out the door then bought some new gear too=
  11. I was always afraid carrying stuff in my backpack that I would crash and have a wrench or screwdriver stuck through my back... Needless to say I made sure there's no way this can happen with the fenderbag.. Something else to think about=)
  12. oh crap they were hella pratrolling the back straights at Carnegie yesterday also. I don't think they like that we ride wheelies up and down it all the time=)
  13. Sounds like cheap insurance to me. Thanks Agent!!
  14. Cold mine take about 4-5x to kick it, when it's warm, it will start on the 1st kick.. Don't give it any gas when your starting it either... it floods it fast..
  15. I just picked up a Moose reaf fender as well yesterday after seeing a quad tumble 200ft down a hill yesterday and getting a flat out in the middle of no wear with no spare and no cell service saturday I decided it was a worthwhile $35. I picked it up from a vendor at the Hill Climbs I went to yesterday also picked up a new dunlop 952 fro $54=).. I have every tool I can think of I would need or could improvise to use in there(minus tire irons and tubes and fixaflat).. Everyplace I ride is close enough that I'd ride a flat to the truck. But I have sockets, etc in there=)