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  1. Anyone know of a dealer w/ 08's still in stock for 4k?
  2. Does maintenance on a 4 stroke (valve check, etc) require a bike mechanic? I have done several two stroke top ends but have yet to dive into a 4stroke. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys - I've decided to get back into riding after taking a few years off from a good crash. There are several folks in my area selling 08 yz250fs and from what I've been reading - this is a strong and reliable bike. I have yet to own a 4stroke so i was wondering if there is anything specific to the 08's that I should check for or for a 4stroke in general. I know the basics (wheels, gears, air filter, etc) A couple of them look like they have hardly been ridden - although it's hard to tell until you get there in person. The price right now seems to be around 3k for one (w/ a little negotiating). Based on what I've been reading - this seems like a good price considering the yamaha 1k cash back on new bikes. Any thoughts - appreciate the help.
  4. Ahhhh - you can probably tell I'm new to 2strokes - Thanks for the info - I always associate the gearbox oil w/ the piston - Appreciate the help!
  5. Hi Guys - I was wondering if I should change the oil on my 2stroke after my 1st 'break-in' ride - Total distance was about 40 miles of medium riding. Thanks
  6. Hi Guys - I'll be traveling to Boulder, CO for several weeks and was wondering if anyone knew of a facility / track that also rented out bikes. I found some cool tracks and riding areas on the web, but have yet to find one that includes bike rentals- Being from the north-east, my riding time is limited so I figured if possible, what better place to get out than in CO. Thanks for the help -
  7. littlefrog

    Another cute girl rider

    Very Cool - That's awesome your daughter rides!
  8. Great - Thanks for suggestions - Sounds like a good plan!
  9. Hi Guys - I just put a new top-end in my 03-kx250 and was wondering if I should add a little more oil to my regular ratio of 32-1 for the initial break-in or if I should just stay w/ my standard mix? Everything on the bike is jetted properly and prior to this rebuild- that was a perfect ratio. Thanks for the help! Greg
  10. littlefrog

    Selling Tips

    Great Advice - Whether I'm selling a bike or anything else, I take the time to make sure it's as clean as possible. You will get a better price and the person buying it will be happier. I sold a 92 yz250 a year ago. Granted it was in perfect condition (after being re-built) - but new plastics and graphics go a long way - You can find great deals on ebay for both items. Don't put too much money into parts - but do try to replace the basic things if needed. (ie: broken clutch lever, etc) - The more time you make it look nice, the faster it will sell! Be Honest - Pays in the long run.
  11. littlefrog

    IMS or Moose footpegs?

    I just installed a set of the IMS pegs - Far superior than the stock pegs - Never really thought about it but once they are on - you are amazed at how much more control you have.
  12. Hi - I know how important it is to try on a helmet before buying but in my case, that is just not possible. No dealers local to me carry Arai. So... I'm going to chance it - If you own an Arai - do you find the size matches close their sizing chart. My head is just over 58cm. Based on their info - a medium is from 57-58cm and a large is 59-60cm. I've heard they run a little small but not 100 per sure on that. I was going to order a large Arari - based on my large HJC. Any feedback from Former or Current owners greatly appreciated!
  13. littlefrog

    Trail Tech Computers NEED HELP

    I have the endurace as well. I know the next model up has the option of a full-time back-light, but that requires tapping into your wires. So far it's been real sturdy. I've used it for about a 1 1/2 yrs. The install is pretty basic - drilling the hole is the most work. I use mostly for determining how long (distance and time) i road for. I have fat bars on my bike w/ the square bar pad so I simply cut out part of the foam and plastic to have it recessed. Looks good and is well protected. Also, I glued some pieces of velcro to the back of the clock and then inside my bar pad so it won't come loose in a crash.
  14. littlefrog

    Tony D MX school - opinions?

    Thanks for this post - i was planning on asking the same question as the school will be in MA this summer - glad to see some positive feedback!
  15. littlefrog

    Bad news today.

    Sorry to hear and my condolences. My sister went through this and it is not easy.