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  1. bensdad

    Installed Clarke Tank now some easy ?'s

    Just picked up the WR petcock for the bike. has the outlet at 90 degrees. What size rubber cap do I use to plug the vacum on the carb when I put in the WR petcock? 3/32 ?
  2. bensdad

    Popping on Decel?

    Thanks Eddie. I know it's hijacking a post a bit here, but do you have any commn solution to the "excessive" fuel line bend now that I put Clarke tank on? New petcock, 90 degree elbow?? see: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=488215 Thanks
  3. bensdad

    Popping on Decel?

    I have an SM carb on my 2005 S. I am at sea level. The settings are 155 main, 25 PJ, Kientech screw 2.25 turns out. I cut my "3x3" more like 4.25 x 3.25 and have a full yosh pipe. It seems to backfire a bit as well. I was wondering if the larger airbox cutout was the culprit or if I should try turning out the mixture screw. Not much I can do about the airbox now. Doug
  4. I spent an hour or so last night putting in the tank per advice of board members here. easy really. A couple of things came up that I am still a little curious about. I replaced the vacum line with a longer one and it seems that there are no kinks. But, the way the tank sits so much lower (specifically the petcock) I can't seem to get the fuel line to route smoothly to the carb with no additional bends. There isn't a SHARP bend but was wondering if there was a common solution (like a 90 degree T or something) that would fix this. I do have several feet of properly sized Marine fuel line, but the way the line routs, that won't work any better. Do they make a Braided fuel line that you can really force in to a bend without kinking? Maybe even a petcock with the fuel outlet out the side as opposed to the bottom? Also, with regards to the vent on the top of the tank, should I grab some vacum hose and attach it? Is there a place to route it? Or let it hang in front of the tank loose? Lastly, I figured I'd change the plug while the tank was off. WOW Is it just me? The damn thing is downa ditch. Had to use my Magnet to retrive the plug wrench. Would using the supplied wrench in the tool pack have been better. Thank for the help. I ahve my new Renthals and coming in the mail through TT. But... That will be good for another post. Doug
  5. bensdad

    Do not buy a Clarke Gas tank!

    I have a blue Clarke but have not installed the tank yet. Was going to do it tonight. Where exactly can I buy the XR cap? I looked in the TT store, no luck. Any better options? I am guessing the XR cap is a stock piece? Or is it an aluminum? Thanks
  6. bensdad

    Another Clarke tank question

    Truck strap?
  7. bensdad

    Part #s

    I have purchased quite a bit from ronayers as well. (I have always been happy with the service) Recently, a friend referred me to flatoutmotorsports.com I just placed some orders wit hthem and so far so good. They have a decent OEM Suzuki and Yam fiche and thier parts pricing is generally less than ronayers. Give it a try.
  8. bensdad

    Exhaust Gasket and Yosh RS3?

    Last night I did the 3x3 mod, Rejetted the carb, Kientech extended fuel screw and a Full Yosh RS3 exhaust. Boy, getting that carb out was a joy. Anyways, a few hours later and she was all put back together. Started it up this AM and runs like a charm. One question came up though. When I was installing the pipe, I did not have any instructions, and as it was the last thing I was doing, (getting late) I paid NO attention to the exahust port gasket and it's replacement. I recall looking at the stock header, and think I certainly would have noticed the gasket if it were still on there. I am just assuming it stayed in the port. As I said, it runs great, no leaks I can find. What do you guys think? Should I remove it again and look? Or the fact I have no apparent leaks tell me to just enjoy it? Thanks
  9. bensdad

    DRZ400SM Pilot jet ?

    I should have read the Faq. Thanks.
  10. bensdad

    DRZ400SM Pilot jet ?

    Can I buy one here? Part#? Thanks.
  11. I am about to put an 05' SM carb that was jetted with an FMF kit on my S. It currently has a 150 main in it and the clip is on the second groove. My bike WILL have a full RS3 Yosh system, and 3x3 airbox mod. I am AT sea level. I ride year round 35 degrees to 95 and humid. I have not put it on yet, but to my knowledge, it still has the stock 22.5 pilot in it. From what I have been reading this setup calls for a 25 or larger pilot and up to a 160 main. What part #'s at the TT store do I use for the bigger pilots. (Or should I even use one) Also, do I need any parts to pull the emissions stuff off? Caps? Plugs? Can I get the parts here? Anything else I should do while I am working on it? Doug
  12. bensdad

    Dynojet Jet kit for 400s vs SM ??

    Thank you. I always make things more complicated than they need to be.
  13. bensdad

    Dynojet Jet kit for 400s vs SM ??

    Thanks Burned. Just so I understand, the carbs are essentially the same physically. What would happen if I tried to put the SM kit in the S carb? What internal parts would I have to change to make it work correctly? (Or is it even possible) Is the main air jet swappable? (I am not a real technical guy as you can tell) My bikes setup will be (The SM carb with FMF jet kit for the SM) Full Yosh RS3 system, 3x3 airbox. I am AT sealevel. What settings should I use on this carb, and if I decide to just buy a proper S kit to just put on the S carb, what settings would I use on it? Thanks! If I should move this to another forum, let me know. Doug
  14. I recently picked up a 2005 400S. I also picked up a virtually new OEM carb on ebay off a 2005SM that had a FMF jet kit (dynojet) installed for a very reasonable price. I called dynojet and the customer support person told me the S and the SM jet kits were slightly different. He thought it was the needle. What am I missing here? Isn't the motor, and carb pretty much exactly the same between bikes? Should I try the SM kit? Thanks for your advice. I know SOMEONE has come accross this before. Doug
  15. bensdad

    SM tires on stock DRZ400s rims?

    Nice looking setup! Where did you get the rack? Thats exactly what I want. Also the fender elim is UFo right? I THINK I will be keeping my eyes open for a set of 17's Who knows. I certainly appreciate the tips.