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  1. how far is Ganaraska Forest from Hamilton?
  2. anyone going next weekend?
  3. well i was on my quad and i arrived at about 11...only quads and a few bikes out for most of the morning. the track stayed very groomed and easy to go through until around 1:30-2...then everyone showed up and it was destroyed...there was too much water and way to wet everyones machines were struggling so we called it a day it was pretty dead by the time we left
  4. crmorris - thanks for the clarification about the riding fines. Have any of you ever heard of an indoor MX track near Hamilton, Ontario? Someone told me about it once but I can't find it at all, and I really wonna use that in the winter if I could. I went to Gopher dunes Aug 19. (saturday) it poured when we were 3/4 the way there and proceeded to do so the rest of the day, but I had a blast. I just couldn't believe how long it took to get there...My friend promptly told me Highway 24 is closed (which is the most direct route), and it took us alot longer to get there. Surprisingly alot of people showed up. I was kind of hoping someone knew a good place around Hamilton. But I think I'm going to show up at Gopher dunes increasingly more now. Thanks, Mike
  5. have any of you riden at turkey point?
  6. what are you implying? he asked ME where it was. And, what in sams &%$#@! would it matter if it was quad riders or dirtbike riders? They both make noise, destroy the land, and create unwanted attention. And, I spoke with the guy that actually made that place accessible (NOT the owner). Those 2 rocks at the entrance were moved, the owner put them there to block people from coming in. The front half is private land, where as the rear section rowed trees) is government land. I no longer ride there. If you ride there you can be fined up to $5,000.
  7. Honda

    thanks for the reply, but my situation contains SOME kicking (NOT consistant) more like broof......broof.... (firing here & there), I just want to be sure it is infact the CDI rather than waste 140 dollars. Additional info would be appreciated. it seems like getting info on electrical stuff anywhere is difficult.
  8. Where is the pit (tamsford) relative to Hamilton?
  9. unfortunately my TRX is having severe electrical issues. All I have to ride is my trusty wolverine. The trails are just off of highway 6 & 401, along a road i can't remember the name of. but it's parallel to the 401. you can see it from the 401 (you wouldn't know people rode there if you didnt see any bikes, though). But I don't really go there anymore. Apparently it isn't government land, and the owner is very pissed.
  10. Dundas (Hamilton, basically). you?
  11. where the hell is "the pit"? are any of these places (besides gopher dunes) in southern ontario?
  12. Yamaha

  13. so, where do you guys ride in ontario? i usually ride gopher dunes, and some jimmy jammy trails in guelph. I live in southern ontario, too. What about you guys?
  14. Yamaha

    There's NO known COMMON issue with their cranks, your smoking too much weed my friend. The rod is probably worn out. Or, you've stretched the hell out of the cam chain (knocky, knock), and that's very possible with a "hotcam". It's probably your stupid hotcam screwing everything up...
  15. Yamaha

    you need to verify the forks are bent or worn. how does it shift? tough? if so, 1 or more is probably bent.