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  1. ok how do I check the valve seals? this is all kinda new to me
  2. Ok I pulled the top end appart and there is no wear on the piston or rings or the cylinder so now what? How come there was so much oil in the exhaust?
  3. So do you htink i should just be able to throw and new piston and rings inther e or you think the cylinder is toast?
  4. Its the stock motor
  5. its a 07 the bike is 7 months old
  6. I was at the track last night and I checked the oil b4 i started and it was up perfect and half way through the night it started ticking a little and then came the white smoke and black as black oil is dripping out of the muffler. Checked the oil again its around the add mark. Did I burn a ring or what do you think????? Please HELP
  7. SCRAPeN

    Pitster website?

    does anyone know whats up with the pitster site the parts page doesnt work at all?
  8. SCRAPeN

    Pitster X2r wont stay running

    You got it. It was a loose wire going into the cdi. So when you reved it up the vibration would make it loose connection
  9. SCRAPeN

    Pitster X2r wont stay running

    Thank you guys for all the help im going out side to do it right now I will let ya know if it works
  10. SCRAPeN

    Pitster X2r wont stay running

    Where do i get the valve specs from? I have seen it done but never done it my self.
  11. SCRAPeN

    No rear brakes on Pitster

    I just got a 07 x2r and the rear brakes don’t work I took the caliper apart and the pads are shot so I need some where can I pick some up at the pitster parts page is down on the site I cant bring it up. In looking at it though it seams to me that the pistons in the caliper are froze up I can’t get them to move even when I bleed the brakes? Thank you for your help. CHance
  12. SCRAPeN

    Pitster X2r wont stay running

    I can get it to start and idle but when you apply the gas it loads up and dies for back fires what do you think the problem is carb? electrical? Please Please Please HELp ME
  13. SCRAPeN

    Thumpstar model's?

    Ok I am confused me and 3 of my friends purchased brand new 06 Thumpstar Super125's now another buddy just bought the same model and year suposedly but it is different in a lot of ways better rear shock motor will start in any gear different carb? So how do i know what model ours is for sure and same with his? Does anyone have a vin decoder so i can tell what the real deal is> Thanks for any help
  14. SCRAPeN

    started her and a hour later Hard to kick over

    pulled the plug no luck still not starting lol next suggestion anyone
  15. started her and a hour later Hard to kick over and now it wont start its a 2006 we were going riding and my buddy started it up started on the second kick and we loaded up we got to the riding spot maybe 2hrs at the most, it was really hard to kick over for a second and it wont start at all no matter how many times we kick it over? Any ideas or suggestions?