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  1. TT W2R More info & lots of pics
  2. It looks like Corral Canyon. If so I don't think there are any one-ways. Fun place to ride but wish they'd make some of those one way.
  3. XR Bill

    xr motor in a crf?

    Maybe it's this one?
  4. XR Bill

    I want a XR400 - easy to plate in CA?

    True. I guess I felt a bit 'dissed' for not providing anything other than what I used to plate my XR. The thread may be closed & it may seem outdated, but nothing has changed since 04 when the window closed. If you bother to read through the thread (forget all the "no you can't / yes you can" bs. & glean the good stuff out of it, there is all you need to know...still. And many have recently confirmed it is still quite doable. Here's my post from another thread another usless link seek & ye shall find
  5. XR Bill

    I want a XR400 - easy to plate in CA?

    Grow a pair, will ya.
  6. XR Bill

    I want a XR400 - easy to plate in CA?

    It's all been discussed to death here
  7. XR Bill

    Swing Arm Chain Slider

    bikebandit OEM for $37.00. Still, not that cheap. Here it sez $28.00 for a UFO & can ship within 3 days. Hope this helps
  8. XR Bill

    I want a XR400 - easy to plate in CA?

    I believe it’s a 3 or C in 8th digit - and XR's won't have one because that only signals a bike as red sticker. Definitely a bust. As for the rest of what people will tell you, it's all up to you on what to do. Legal? Not since 04. Doable? Sure is. Check the sticky on the DS thread. That’s where I got all my info....& my plate.
  9. XR Bill

    Oregon Street Legal Xr's

    Was told or was cited? Big difference
  10. XR Bill

    How many of you take a stand?

    No, they went out onto the trails after they proved they weren't taking my comments to heart. Although I was a little worried about my truck after that.
  11. XR Bill

    registering a CA dual sport

    Yes. Legal? No. Possible? You betcha! If you don't need to travers roads that require street legal status, then it's not worth it. I don't use mine on the street either, but riding in many state parks & dual sport rides (85% dirt) requires I have a plate. I love dual sport rides...little towns in nowhere on little roads, fire roads, forrest roads, etc = a plate (98 XR400 BD dual sport setup, noooo problem - just read the valuable info in the link)
  12. XR Bill

    How many of you take a stand?

    No, you're not. At a local riding area (Corral Canyon) there are camping areas adjacent to the riding areas. Could not believe what 2 idiots (1 quad 1 bike) were doing in the campground. So I explain this is a public camping area & we need to respect the people there whether riders or not. What do you think? Because I'm alone with my g/f & they're 2 very large homey type goons they just tell me to f/o & keep on raising hell in the campground. Nice. Sometimes I really do hate people.
  13. So your telling us your folks let you into a very dangerous, potentially life threatening situation while they called the cops?????
  14. Sorry, no info for Shark. FWIW, I've read good reviews on Suomy.
  15. Hey, thanks for the reminder!! I keep forgetting to purchase a replacement strap for my son's Tech 4 boot. Anyway, I called & they're sending one out ......NO CHARGE!! Maybe just call the (310) 891-0222 & within 30 seconds you'll be set to go like I was.