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  1. Question 1.) So I just bought a barely used 05 and I was wondering if I could get a little more power simply by removing the insert (assuming there is one) in the end pipe. Has anyone done this? Question 2.) if I were to buy a new end pipe would I have to re-jet the carb or does it not matter since I won't be changing the header pipe? Question 3.) I get a slight 'flapping' sound coming from the pipe especially at low rpms, I know this is somewhat normal but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the spark arrestor? Help appreciated, Loving this bike though!
  2. dave206drz

    closing of Beverly and Moses Lake dunes

    I was gonna hit Beverly mid October. I have a plated drz 400. Will it still be open then? Am I good that I'm legal?
  3. dave206drz

    Fluidyne rad's hit header,any recommendations?

    after you remount how did you get the radiator shrouds to fit back on properly since they mount directly to the radiator?
  4. dave206drz

    Fluidyne rad's hit header,any recommendations?

    I have the same issue, do you bend the header pipe flat or hammer a flat spot in it?
  5. dave206drz

    Dynojet Stage 1 kit for DRZ 400s

    Hey thanks a lot Burned for all the help. You are a great resource. All hail Burned!!! I'll order a new kit today and return the old one.
  6. I got a stage one kit, I'm at sea level and I will be running a Yoshi rs-3 full exhaust. The guy at the store said this kit comes with everything I need but the Main jet say 136. Burned says to go with a 145 main jet and I've seen it all the way up to a 160? All I want to know is am I go to go using the 136 that came with the kit?
  7. dave206drz

    Dual Exhaust on a DRZ 400S

    Thanks, I posted the link in another reply. I had also called and someone confirmed it but they may have been looking at the same catalog.
  8. dave206drz

    Dual Exhaust on a DRZ 400S

    Yeah I was thinking that the price was too cheap too. I found it on: www/powersportrider.com. http://www.powersportrider.com/cgi-bin/zcatjpg Then you have to go to page 24. You'll notice that it has a #3 after the DRZ 400s and the key below say 3 = Dual exhaust. Anyways being a graphic designer I can under stand the typo thing. Thanks for your help.
  9. dave206drz

    Dual Exhaust on a DRZ 400S

    I just bought the Yoshimura RS-3 complete exhaust system for my 05 DRZ 400S and after double-checking the online catalog and another supplier they both said that it is a dual exhaust system with 2 mufflers. I haven't received the parts yet but when I ordered over the the phone I asked the parts specialist and he pulled up the part on his computer and was surprised when he saw it said it indeed was a dual exhaust set. The weird thing is it is only for the S model and I'm not sure why. I have searched the fourms and found the custom motorad pic with the duals but not a DRZ 400s. Well I'll just wait til it shows up in a few days to really see what is in the box. If it is a single exhaust I'll still be stoked since I only paid $430 for the whole set. Anyone have any good things to say about the Yoshi RS-3 exhaust? How loud is it? I don't mind waking my next door neighbors at 7 am when I go to work but I don't want to wake up the whole block:)