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  1. i usually ride in the sand and do some minor freestyle jumping
  2. i can get both bikes about the same price which is like 4,500 whith my trade in.
  3. yeah the 07's do have electric start, but the 's dont, but i am riding a yz426f now so i am used to the whole starting thing
  4. I am recently looking at a 06 ktm 450 sx and a 06 yzf450 both brand new at the dealer. I am going to buy one or the other, but i was wondering which one was better. i have heard a lot of different opinions, but a couple more couldnt hurt.
  5. I was just wondering were i could find more information on this Bkmod. Thanks for the tips.
  6. I recently purchased a 2001 yz426f. I am experiencing problems when i try to start the bike when it is cold. The bike tries to start but just dies. After a while it eventually fouls the plug, and when i put a new plug in it starts on the first kick. After the bike is started it will start fine it is just getting it started for the first time. I was wondering if this could be fixed by changing the piolet jet. If anyone has any tips on starting i would really appreciate the adivce. I was also wondering if there is any quick mods that will give me some more performance out of the beast.