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  1. s1ngltrk

    helmet cam question

    go to www.vholdr.com the unit is all in one. $349...no wires...the helmet cam is the camera so you don't have to carry along a camcorder or similar. One batttery charge lasts 11/2 hours and a 2gb microSD will give you about 11/2-2hrs of video. The website has a bunch of examples of what people have shot w/ the unit as well so you can see the quality is really good. I just go mine and I'm waiting on the snow to melt to test it out. Good Luck!
  2. Dude, I don't know a soul who has been there and not been absolutely blown away at all of the riding that's available. If you spent a week there you would barely touch all that's available. When you go definitely check out Sovereign Trail. It's a new area (only a year or two old) that has some of the only true singletrack in the whole are. Really technical and really cool riding. Have a blast!
  3. Nicely done!! I figure there's got to be a bunch of folks out there that have done it but I'm honestly surprised that I haven't seen any other video of these folks...I'm proud of trying it and screwing it up!! I'd be really tootin' my whistle if I rode it clean.
  4. ...that's what I was most concerned about after "hearing" it come down behind me but not seeing it...it was fine though...the peg is what did the scarring of the rock and it was fine...the only readjustment I made was to tighen up my handlebars but I think that's only becuase I had worked on them the night before and may not have cinched them down as good as I should have. A little tiny scrape on the pipe and that was it...all said I was quite surprised how unscathed it came out.
  5. He didn't even try it...he really got pissed off later about that fact too!
  6. nah, the "fall" was more of a slide than anything. No problem at all
  7. I thought this looked pretty challenging and tried it out...I think its doable but it's definitely intimidating when you roll in. To add insult to injury after I picked up the bike I slipped on all of the oily sand in the bottom of the pit resulting in the bike landing directly on my chest...it hurt more than the fall both physically and to the good ol' ego. Also, the guy filming calls this the Toilet Bowl by accident...this is actually the Hot Tub on Hells Revenge Enjoy:ride:
  8. s1ngltrk

    Maintenance Quick Reference Guide

    I am a second owner of an 05' CRF250X...so I probably won't receive anything from Honda...anyone willing to scan in the packet and post it? I'm sure it won't be a problem w/ the forum since you are passing along important info that will surely not reach all current CRF owners!?! Thanks, s1ngltrk
  9. s1ngltrk

    Cool new product from SixSixOne

    Perfect! That's what I was lookin' for. Thanks for your two pesos!
  10. s1ngltrk

    Cool new product from SixSixOne

    Anyone have a real review on this product after riding on an actual motorcycle? There's been 5 pages of posts and only one quasi-review while trying to do yard work. I'm real interested in hearing about this thing because it "seems" to be a great answer to a common problem. BUT...no one seems to have a definitive answer as to whether this is really worth the dough. Brian, any word as to them giving you one to review? Thanks, s1ngltrk
  11. s1ngltrk

    where in CO?

  12. s1ngltrk

    Rod bent? see pics

    Yeah, I'm going w/ OEM replacement parts...as far as the machining...I'm gonna run w/ the 270 for awhile and then when/if necessary bump up to the 450. I do lots of singltrack riding at high altitude in Colorado so I really think that this bike, when fixed, will rock. When complete and running I will post the results w/ a list of final mods and details on all work done. Thanks again P.S.-Thumper Racing, and Gary, have been awesome to deal with!!
  13. s1ngltrk

    Rod bent? see pics

    10-4...I'll start making the list. Thanks again guys...I'll keep you posted w/ updates.
  14. s1ngltrk

    Rod bent? see pics

    Throttle Jockey Thanks...is it even worth looking at aftermarket stuff like Hot Rods...or is there really no gain over OEM when it comes to this type of repair? I will start putting together the parts list tomorrow morning and see what the damage is. Thanks again!
  15. s1ngltrk

    Best Fuel Screw?

    No, the o-ring and spring come from the existing fuel screw...be very, very careful when you back the existing out to replace it with the new...you will see the o-ring and spring come out w/ the existing screw. Take them off and put them back on your new screw (I also recommend CRF's Only Fuel Screw) in "the exact same order". You'll be all set. Total time it takes is about 15 minutes since you have to loosen the carb a bit to get to it. Once done though its invaluable to be able to visually see where your at and what you do to tweak for various riding conditions. check out the above link for the fuel screw itself Good Luck