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    riding, bmx, doin wheelies and jackass style stuff.
  1. yzracerxx

    98 yz125 all cleaned up

    while i had the motor apart for a new crank i took all the bearings out, and then bolted the cases together with nothing in side. if i remember right i think he used glass to blast it. the bike also has the athena factory hi comp kit on it, ive finally go that thing dialed in, that was a nightmare chasing jetting due to the switch to race fuel.
  2. yzracerxx

    98 yz125 all cleaned up

    no real specific reason, old ones were pretty beat up. like i said theres a few small things here and there i still want to do, those being one of them. thanks for the comments.
  3. yzracerxx

    98 yz125 all cleaned up

    hey guys, figured i would share some pics of my 125. where it sits in these pictures is at about 90 percent where i want it. this was my first fullsize bike and the bike that sparked my love for 2 strokes. i actually found some pictures of it the day i brought it home in 2003 for comparisons sake. any how i know you guys like pictures so here they are
  4. my 98 did this aswell, turned out the cluctch basket fingers were very grooved out. replaced with a hinson unit and its amazing now.
  5. yzracerxx

    yz125 race fuel

    hey guys, im getting my 125 back together soon and have a few questions. i put an athena cylinder kit, the high comp one ( supossedly around 14.9:1cr ) and had a few questions on race fuel. ive been looking at some of vp's leaded fuel like C12 and VP110 both have motor octanes of 107 and 108, non oxygenated, and the VP110 having a research octane of 113, whatever research octane is. how will running a leaded fuel affect jetting as i did not go big bore, still 54mm
  6. yzracerxx

    Complete WR transmission?

    my question is that if the grooves in the drums are different as with one shift fork, wouldnt it make sense that it is clocked for the wr gears, i used both main shaft and output assemblies. the way i see it is that they are a matching assembly. as i said before the motor is not assembled but it shifted through the gears just fine. im gunna take a closer look again at them. another question, so have most people with this swap use the yz drum and forks with both the wr mainshafts?
  7. yzracerxx

    Complete WR transmission?

    i'm in the process of this swap to, this is in my 05, i did the case grind all the way around, and using the complete assembly. both main shafts, shift drum, shift forks and the shifter detent system. the only thing im using from the YZ setup is the shift shaft itself, the WR piece had what looked like the top piece cut off and the return spring did not mesh with the stud in the YZ case. i should mention im using a 2002 WR426 tranny, and i have not pressed a crank in yet, but i did install the two dowells and snugged the cases up and everything operated as it should.
  8. yzracerxx

    rebuilt 05 yz250 wr binds into 5th

    when i rebuilt my 125 6th would pop out under half throttle, turns out i forgot a thrust washer and that was letting the gear slide away due to helical cut gears.
  9. yzracerxx

    97 YZ 125 Rebuild

    i didnt use a fmf header ive got a PC platinum with what i think is a cut down fmf silencer it fits great actually my 98 pipe hit the kickstarter and the 99 doesnt.
  10. yzracerxx

    97 YZ 125 Rebuild

    no not really i had to get the newer pipe for mine and it goes right with the older silencer, also make sure to run race fuel in it, even if you stack the two gaskets, if not you'll be replacing the bottom end from detonation, also go through the cylinder and check for any burs around the ports.
  11. yzracerxx

    Wiseco cranks made in China

    i used a wiseco crank in my 98 yz125 when i installed the athena works kiti dont know if it was the 15:1 comp ratio or what but after less than 10 hours the big end rod bearing went out and the plastiic crank stuffer had broken. bike was run on a 103 smthn octane race fuel properly jetted at 32:1 when i put a crank in my 250 i went OEM, thats what there all getting from here on.
  12. yzracerxx

    97 YZ 125 Rebuild

    yea i just prepped the frame decently and sprayed it with rustoleom, still has lasted a while but its getting PCed pretty soon, same color or i was thinkin like a gunmetal or smthn. i replaced literely evertyhing inside and out and it feels newer than my 05 250 and its 12 years old.
  13. yzracerxx

    lets see your bike in anger!!

    i remember reading about ricky james, he used something like that, and a whole bunch of controls on the bars. dude! nice corner skills, much respect:thumbsup: if you dont mind me asking, what are the extents of your paralysis (sp)?
  14. yzracerxx

    97 YZ 125 Rebuild

    your bike reminds me of mine i used the same color paint on my frame to so far it has held up pretty well, much better than i expected. good luck with the resto
  15. yzracerxx

    97 YZ 125 Rebuild

    your deffinetly going to like that motor, i completely redid my 98 yz125 and put that cylinder on, running on 110 its a beast, goes great with the 6 speed.