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  1. You might want to measure how much oil you have in each sump. Have seen where there is oil migration issues from the motor to the tranny caused by a faulty oring on the high pressure pump. They can go at any time. The best option is to merge both sumps.
  2. Dwight Rider any photos of this bike your tossing together?
  3. How much coolant should we have in our tank? My VW only needs coolant when it gets above 150fToo hot on your air cooled motor is anything above 240*F start moving air across the motor when it gets this hot. Air cooled motors heat U.S. and cool off quicker than their water cooled brothers
  4. I just picked up a Trail Tech Vapor for my 03 XR400. What temperature do you all set as a "High Temp" alert on your units? I believe the factory preset is at 235*F
  5. Why not get some really good cleaner like I did to this Pilot engine instead of painting it? You can retain the stock look this way. I'd go with powder coat for the frame. Keep in mind that gasket remover also removes powder coat too!
  6. So when did supermoto bikes become highway bikes? They are designed to be ridden hard and in canyons and twistys, not on the freeway or in bumper to bumper traffic, even though there more comfortable to ride!
  7. Supercross

    It's on right now!
  8. Awesome night! Check out the look on this guys face.
  9. Supercross

    Looks like Supercross and Motorcross are safe, for now! Just about a week ago, Honda announced that it was dropping out of Formula 1, but in subsequent reports Honda confirmed that it was not planning to pull support from other motorsports endeavors. That doesn't quite seem to be the case. Yesterday, Honda announced that it will be removing factory support from AMA road racing. The only Honda factory rider already contracted for the '09 season is Neil Hodgson. Jake Zemke, winner of last year's AMA Formula Xtreme Championship, now seems likely to race for the Erion Honda team, which Honda will still be offering support to, along with the Corona Honda team. Motocross and Supercross will not be affected by Honda's decision. Honda cites the "current global economic situation and its impact on Honda" for the change, but we wonder if the ongoing dominance of Mat Mladin and Ben Spies' Suzukis may have made AMA Superbike an easy series to drop -- a move last made by Ducati in 2006. We're also left wondering if the ongoing conflict with Daytona Motorsports Group, the new management for AMA Pro Racing, had anything to do with the withdrawl. In any case, we won't be seeing any Honda Factory teams in AMA road racing for 2009. [source: Honda]
  10. Supercross

    The link you had posted in not valid! I just read that Supercross Live is cancelled for the entire season. What a shame!!! to say the least!!!! When the industry is begging for new customers and increased exposure they take away the single greatest marketing tool available to the public! Not everybody gets SPEED. In times like these the exposure to the sport should be increased not decreased. In my opinion that was one of the poorest marketing decisions I have seen in this industry since re-naming the 250cc class "Lites" Only this one WILL effect the bottom line of many companies.
  11. Call Dan at Motoxotica. They have some brand new ones with cool colors.