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  1. electroman

    race tech springs?

    I just swapped out my stock springs last week .49's in the front and 58 on the rear. The whole deal took me about an hour and went fairly smooth, I too just replaced the stock ones with the race tech with no adjusting of any kind. If you just ride trails and mild tracks the stock valving is pretty good, if you hit the track hard some valving is needed. I rode mine last satuday with the new springs and full yosh exuast system, man night and day differance. I wanted to keep my 04 yz450, but after the changes to the 06 wr forget it the yz has gota go no need for it.
  2. electroman

    race tech springs?

    I put on a set of race tech front springs .49's on my 06 wr. My question is do you just take the stock ones out and put the new ones in the same way? Whats the deal with the washers they give you, do you need to put those some place and if so why and where.
  3. electroman

    Anyone Running This Pipe

    Does this muffler work with the stock head pipe? Also would the gytr head pipe work with other slip ons or is it larger than the stock head pipe.
  4. electroman

    front and rear springs?

    Thanks fellas what are some of the prices to expect, and places to get good deals. I race Mo, Ks scrambles and the stock bike for me handles like thanks for all the help and comments.
  5. electroman

    front and rear springs?

    I was wondering how many of the big fellas have re-sprung there bikes. I am 6 foot and 230 lbs. the bike handles good when doing normal trail riding but dives a little to much in corners and bottoms out when landing small jumps. I just wanted to know what others have done and where you get heavier springs.
  6. electroman

    accelerator pump timing?

    thanks a million will do.
  7. electroman

    accelerator pump timing?

    This is my first attempt of doing the adjustment. can anyone explain the whole free play thing. The only way I can get rid of the free play is by screwing in the screw all the way.
  8. electroman

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I just ordered my ais removal kit today can't wait. I do however have a question? I have done all the free mods also got a slip on, JD jett kit, and zip Ty fuel screw. I'm taking the new beast to the gncc race this weekend, and wanted to know if I jett the bike to Indy's chart on page 1 butt don't have my ais removed will it hurt anything performance wise? I would hate to race this with the stock pipe no bottom end grunt.
  9. electroman

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Hello Im new to this site and wow what a bunch of knowledge. Just when I thought my new 06 was a turd I can breath a sigh of relief. I do however have a question? I have a 04 yz 450f all torn down to motor and frame could I steal the needle and jets of it? I've done all the free mods and have dr d. slip on, I have not done the ais removal or jetting and bike falls on its face for a second than gets violant all at once at low rpm to roll on power. any ideas would be thankful.