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  1. hondarider007

    For all 1985 XR 200 Owners

    I took the bolts off from the intake manifold an took both gas and seat off. The throttle system is weird though. How do I take that off?
  2. hondarider007

    For all 1985 XR 200 Owners

    Anyone know how to take the dual carbs off? The working space is so tight I cannot find a way to take the carb off without breaking something else. Someone please tell me....
  3. hondarider007

    1985 XR 200R Carb

    I just got a 1985 XR 200R dirt bike. When i purchased it i was not told that the carburator had problems. The bike does not start at all and when I turn the gas on to the bike the gas comes out of the left carburator right out of the bottom. I thought that maybe the float might be stuck but people have told me otherwise. If anyone has any idea on what to do please tell me. I am out of ideas !!