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  1. ClownBallz

    Installing new grips for 1st time

    Time to get out of the stone ages guys. No glue, no hair spray no garbage!! Easy 2 min grip changes ODI locking grips = http://www.odigrips.com/ Welcome to technology
  2. ClownBallz

    Are we killing our own sport?

    First off, your attempt to belittle me is VERY WEAK. 2) Sorry I typed SC instead of WV my mistake. 3) You never addressed any of MY FACTS. All those places run quads with no problem. 4) Saying that I am a problem/not responsible is a joke. You don't even know me. Weak attempt again. I can comprehend just fine... I know you like to throw that word around because you are so educated. 5) YOU ALWAYS BRING UP QUADS. - You have something against them - Period. I stand by my statement: It's not what you ride that gets places closed down!!!!
  3. ClownBallz

    How to take rear wheel off?

    You don't have to pull the chain off. What everyone else said is right.
  4. ClownBallz

    Are we killing our own sport?

    The topic asks if "we are killing our own sport" Talking about 4 stroke noise in general then the good old "Quad" crap comes out again. I ride both and I have seen plenty of guys on bikes being just as stupid. Do you believe that every bike rider in your area is following the rules about riding? They are perfect? GIVE ME A BREAK! You mention a guy with no helmet. What does that have to do with anything? There are MANY riding areas with both quads and bikes. With no issues AT ALL. Here are just a few examples: WI has a trail system called the "cheeze trail" - Once again quads are welcomed and there are NO PROBLEMS with quads. http://www.huntfishcampwisconsin.com/Atv2.html Hatfied McCoy in SC - Quads and bikes - No problems = over 500 miles of trails (more in progress) http://www.trailsheaven.com/ Silver Lake MI - Sand dunes - No problems with QUADS! http://www.silverlakesanddunes.com/ If your trails are being shutdown it's because of the SYSTEM in place NOT THE MACHINE being ridden! The places I listed above all have no problems. Stop pulling the "blame the Quad crew" out and wake up! If there is a proper system in place there are no problems and the above places PROVE that!! By the way I ride a YZ250 and own 2 quads a sport and a utility. Time to stop with the quad crap already
  5. ClownBallz

    Are we killing our own sport?

    It will never happen. Things may close down but it will not be the direct cause of the noise. There are many other factors usually that get places closed down. I ride a two stroke bike and 4 stroke quads. All I can say is long live the 2 -stroke
  6. ClownBallz

    Where is a quad forum?

    Look at him back pedal !!!! hahaha Calling me a hick when he uses the term "y'all" in his other posts. ROFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continuing on with the name calling "quadtard" No, your panties are not in a bunch. bwahhaaaa PLEASE QUIT I CAN'T TAKE IT!! :cheers: :cheers:
  7. ClownBallz

    Where is a quad forum?

    Your panties are in a bunch now! :cheers: Can't take what you dish out seems to be the logic here. I comment on your poor grammar skills and you write a book trying to make yourself look good by giving me your background.... now that is FUNNY!!!!!! Mission accomplished! bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaa What a joke... this guy rips on quads for three pages then I give him one example of bad grammar skills and he comes back with a novel. I can't take it... hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa PLEASE STOP IT!!!!
  8. ClownBallz

    Where is a quad forum?

    It's not embarassing - It's embarrassing > http://www.p42.org/Nighthawk/owned.jpg Weak is right. You are just as bad as he is! Google is your friend. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=713209970&n=2 ROFL
  9. ClownBallz

    Motoland pics 5-7-06

    Motoland is a great track. Nothing wrong with quads on that track... the track is 2 1/2 miles long. Huge! Passing is never a problem there. There are a few quad riders out there that beat up on the bikes.
  10. ClownBallz

    Where is a quad forum?

    I think the people here are thinking... not another moron with quad bashing comments. It is very old and over played. The topic starter was just asking a question. You should learn proper grammar first if you want to discuss IQ. Since when do you start a sentence with "and"? Here are two more IQ marveling sentences from you: "And if some enterprising individual set one up for them and they could be trained to use it, how many could participate?" "I've got an 04 525SX and I set it at 49mm static sag." Who can point out all the grammar errors out here? Terrible! You shouldn't bust out the IQ card unless you have one. Don't now
  11. ClownBallz

    Chain recommendation for YZ250

    If you want the best > http://www.sidewindersprockets.com/mcchains.htm sprockets > http://www.sidewindersprockets.com/mcspkt.htm
  12. ClownBallz

    Where is a quad forum?

    I ride both Here are few things added to things said about bike riders. 1) "How to start your bike and over rev the piss out of your bike in the parking lot for 1/2 hour" 2) "I wear matching riding gear for the "cool factor" and slap stickers on my bike of parts not even installed" 3) "Racing number plates with "69" even though you've never raced in your entire life" 4) "Slow arse noobs riding big tracks and rolling over table tops and gap jumps. Just getting in the way" Number 1 really is lame and happens every where I ride. Word of advise to you guys reving your bikes like morons in the parking lots - Your engine is still cold, reving it 100 times doesn't make it run any better and actually will damage the motor , let the engine warm up on choke first then ride it.
  13. ClownBallz

    big air no bike PAIN!

  14. Todd Colbert & Brian Orchard Project Mayhem Cali from Westcoast filmworks http://shop.insanevideos.com/video_preview.php?videoID=PMCA_Trailer_Small.wmv Stunt riding don't be skerd
  15. ClownBallz

    Goon riding - Pics!

    damn, you're going to be the next RC with those moves.