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    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    ok cool I dont know why I keep thinking 1995 as for collecting dust, thats what bike covers are for grom is ok, I rode one its pretty small I mean my ct 70 is smaller but my nuts arent shoved against the tank like on the grom but so many cool mods for the grom look up composimo fabrications If I had one probably be like the white one he posts on his site slammed and stretched
  2. mikegigabyte

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    so is that one of those under 1995? honda's what is the law exactly on converting those? my ct70 over 85,000 miles on the odo but not all by me wheelie machine in 1st so taking off is scary my friends I built up aka money pit
  3. mikegigabyte

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    well class C you cant drive any 2 wheel vehicle on the streets even a real moped, or mb that sort of gave your original question away because anyone with a m1/m2 license knows what can be used on the streets now ive heard if you go get your m1 permit (written test) they sometimes make you retake the class c not sure why, never happened to me thankfully but maybe think about getting the m1 permit dont waste time with m2 unless your not old enough then do it all at the same time, the m1 written is super easy and im sure when you have the chance the on road test will be fine if you have access to a scooter or real motorcycle
  4. mikegigabyte

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    so did you ever say what your permit was for m1,m2 or class C
  5. mikegigabyte

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    watch out soon you could end up like me 6 street legal bikes and one off road I got to maintain and at a minimum of $80+ per year on all the bikes, and insurance gets pretty costly you could get a real moped one time registration fee, never again and no insurance some pretty fast 2 stroke mods you can do may be what I get into next
  6. mikegigabyte

    Is Crf50 legal in bike lane in CA?

    do you have m1 or m2 permit? thats the only legal way you can ride a motorized bicycle in Ca and yes bike lane with MB is cool, not bike paths you can street legal the older honda 50's but I think there was a cut off year 1995?? cant remember what exactly needs to be done either with those but many do it now if you want real fun with something close to a pit bike get a honda ct70 or yamaha xl70 I have a 1970 wiht a 140cc engine street legal, no mirrors or signals needed because of the age really fun to cruise around on I bet you can find an old one all in parts and build it up yourself pretty cheap keep in mind anything other then a moped, or mb you will need insurance, plates and registration even my oldest bikes still cost $80 per year registration and $23 per year liability insurance and with permit no passangers, no night riding and no freeway
  7. mikegigabyte

    New rack options KLX 250

    yes soon probably is making a bunch to have in stock before selling like he was doing with other racks when I was there probably better to email him and see when they will be available and for how much
  8. mikegigabyte

    New rack options KLX 250

    Just wanted to start with I have no affiliation with this seller, but had him make some racks for my bike. And wanted to share with you what he did. He will start selling the rear, and side racks. Not sure about the engine guards he made for me too. http://www.pmracks.com/products.php?b=Kawasaki I was told there are 2 other rear racks he is making that will be wider then what I have The top rack is pre drilled for the rotopax gas tank mount Had a little hard time getting the helmet on, I may pick up a extension for the strap or may not will have to see if I get quicker at mounting it I do understand if I had bags on the racks most likely wont be able to mount the helmet anyways so keep that in mind The side racks use the plastic bodywork mounting points, so take that into consideration when loading them up. I had him make me a set of engine guards too hopefully he will be selling these, no skidplate uses stock Great for adding axillary lights One little issue on the brake side the tip of my shoe hits the guard when placing foot on brake lever. Nothing to cause you not to brake, just surprised me the first time it happened. Deciding weather or not to slightly bend out brake lever or just live with it. At least it does provide protection even the clutch lever side
  9. I have had alot of bikes all sizes all types very first bike was drz400s great bike probably my favorite going off memory of all other bikes I had touch heavy off road for me little tall and im at 6 1 now I have a klx 250s because it brought back memories of the drz but can rev way higher 10,500 rpm, 6 speeds too I love it probably would be better if it was a 300 but I rarely go on freeways so not a big deal, and this bike is all stock too seat is way better then the drz ever was I lowered it 1 inch only because im more used to smaller bikes now had the option of the sm type but the small tires turn me off, and not having the option of off roading either I figured I could always add street type tires to the s model way easier then dirt tires to the sm model maybe the sm makes it lower too never sat on the klx type if you can get used do that until your sure what you want to ride ive owned everything but cruisers, but have ridden cruisers I always go back to the dual sport style because the ease of handling slow and fast speeds, super comfy suspension and how you sit on them im just no built to hunch over on sports bike, or have legs out too far on cruisers because if you buy new and dont like what you have you loose too much money selling them to get something else even now I have 5 totally different bikes I try to ride all have a purpose
  10. im pretty sure all the a bomb tests the us did back in the 40's? polluted the earth more then us few on bikes do in our entire lifetime
  11. I have baja designs light sold at a bike store like 970 lumens its led and hella bright as bright as one of my HID's and seems to last pretty long has remote lithium battery pack too used it on a motorized bicycle you really have to see how bright it is, crazy im sure you would have no issues if using that but at $300 its pricey very small too maybe 3 inches wide has 3 brightness modes too I have 3 classic honda bikes all 6 volt the headlights suck they are so dim almost dangerous I wouldnt go that route if anything go 12v buy some rc car lithium batteries to power it just 6v is way to dim
  12. mikegigabyte

    Tank bags

    mine is simple and affordable at $50 Icon Primer I do use all the magnets too, but because 2 are under the plastics makes it harder to steal you would neet to remove the top bolt to slide out the magnets and makes it hard for me to take off the bag and I can still access the gas cap have the little bike tool kit in the front zipper pouch too I also have a rear rack that I carry a net for incase I buy something too large I can net it on the back I keep the net pushed up over the speedo so its always on the bike pics are missing my headlight cover, that is where I would keep the net so its not shown in these pics
  13. mikegigabyte

    Why did you buy a dual-sport?

    I find dual sports to be the most comfortable for there size sure you can get a cruiser that pretty comfortable but suspension forget about it weight, too heavy to manuve at slow speeds and flying off curbs, nope maybe my dual sports seat is a touch uncomfortable but I can street ride it all day and this newest one I have no plans to go offroad suspension is like floating on air, I Love that seating position is great its for street and not offraod mileage who cares I drive a work truck for work, bikes when im at home so that is not a concern safer who knows ive only been down on one of the bikes I owned twice so I got rid of it, and it was way larger is larger safer not sure I think any bike is more dangerous then a car for me its all about in town driving and hardly any freeway my klx250 is perfect for that