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  1. Did not install a new piston. Had my buddies come over and look it over. Timing and valve clearance look spot on. Checked it with some photos on here and checked the sticky at the top of the forum to confirm. Then did another check with Suzuki manula and it all looks good. It is a pretty violent knock. Thinking counterbalancer. It is going to the dealer today.
  2. My tensioner took a crap, the chain jumped, and I bent my valves. I have a manual and put this thing back together today. Now is it start and run, but the engine has a very loud knock. I pulled the valve cover again and checked timing abd valve clearance and it looks good. It has a new chain, I did the nut fix and put it back together per manual. I am out of ideas. Anybody have a comment?
  3. Thanks eddie O. I have the 11115-20E70's, so I will give my machinist the -.004 to -.005 spec. and he'll take it from there.
  4. Correction. Intake guides (the small ones) are broken and loose in the head.
  5. Just got off the phone with Suzuki USA. The option of an OS valve guide is not an option. It is the ony guide available w/o buying a new head. .3mm over, so I asked for a bore specification for this OS guide and they are getting back to me.
  6. I spoke to two different Suzuki parts departments. They only list an OS guide.
  7. Exhaust giudes are broke. My guy is 70 years old and in No. MN, he does "all" heads for bikes. Also does most all of the engine work for the stock car racers. I cannot get the P/N for a std. guide and he says they came out fine, so if you have the P/N, that would be great.
  8. I have to put two new guides in my head. All the info. I have along with the parts I have indicate Suzuki provides an oversize guide only. .3mm I believe. My machinist is confused as to why the OS guides. 1.) Is there a stock guide out there? What is the P/N? OR 2.) What is the OS bore for the head so these OS guides can be installed? TD
  9. Got it men. To the machine shop it goes. I am not a valve train guy and I see from the info., that I will not be training in to be one either. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Got it. I have a shop that can perform it. Just checking to see if I could do it. Last question: If the seats look to be ontact, should I just put it back together with new parts and run it?
  11. Maybe I stated my intentions wrong. I am not going to re-cut them. Maybe just touch them up or clean out carbon, etc. Actually my intention is to see if they seal with new valves installed. How do you check fit? Procedure to clean them up only. Not capable of what Eddie does, but hopnig to ensure a OEM fitment of valve to seat. Thats all.
  12. I looked over my 400-E head and I think I can perform the valve job with the tools I have scrounged up. What do I look for and what tool would I use? Thinking of a Dremel with a sanding wheel type bit. Anybody have a picture of some re-conditioned seats. This motor ran very briefly after the ACCT went, so the valves are bent, but the seats appear to be not severely damaged. Any suggestions/pix welcome. Tom D.
  13. I read on a previous post about a guy with a loose pin and it was identified as a weak area and to just cut the thing off with a Dremel. I have a 400-E so the questions is: Should I cut it off? Seems to be OK, but if I am in there, should I jettison the thing?
  14. I purchased the OEM valves. Thanks to all the helpful advice. Just did not see where the RH valves would be cost effective for my riding type. Now what about this decompression thing. My intake cam holder has been welded, so it looks like the thing broke once before I had the bike. I just cut it off the camshaft correct? What about the thing on the top left of the head that gets in the way of the head bolt and I always strip the screw? Remove that too or leave it? Manual says it is also part on auto decompression
  15. Never read that in any posts. So either a two piece valve with coating, but will coem apart or a one pice with no coating that will wear out. Which is the better choice? In your opinion.