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  1. DRSal

    turkey baster?

    Eddie, I can't pull up the pictures. Do you have another link? Thanks, Dion
  2. DRSal

    BSR Carb Issue

    Eddie, can you help me on this?
  3. Just replaced a DynoJet Kit with a JD Kit in my '00 DRZ-400S. Noticed an unusual performance issue. If I am cruising (say 45 mph) and give it wide open throttle the bike accelerates for about 1-2 seconds and then pauses (no hesitation, just stops accelerating more like a delay) for about 1-1.5 and then resumes acceleration to full throttle. Just seams like something is hanging up. Has anyone experienced this problem or know what is causing it? Bike; '00 DRZ-400S, 3x3 mod, K&N airfilter, Kientech fuel screw, Big Gun Quiet Exhaust. Engine is stock and valves are per spec. Riding at 600 - 1400 feet. Set the JD kit at their recommendations, not Eddies, which I'm going to change to but don't think this would have any bearing on this problem. Also any know the function of the small o-rig between the carb cap and body? Since, no passage is drilled in the body so what happens if not installed. Note, mine is installed, just curious.
  4. DRSal

    Another DRZ jetting setup

    Eddie, What would the main jet size be with a Big Gun Quiet Pipe? I note your needle setting and pilot size are different than JD. I ride at S.L. to 3,000 ft. with 3x3 mod and K&N air filter. I tried the JD setting of 155/clip 3 / 25 pilot. Found a problem and I wonder if you have seen it before. In cruse, if I give it wide open throttle, the bike accelerates for a while then pauses for about 1 1/2 to 2 sec. and then accelerates to full throttle. Do you know what is causing this? Also you mentioned an o-ring wire mod. Can't seam to find any info on it. Is this for the stock carb? And do you have a link to the info. Thanks for the help.
  5. DRSal

    Where to put my regestration

    I just roll it up in a small plastic zip lock bag and put it inside the air box. Fits nicely in the airfilter bracket.
  6. DRSal

    Free Power (Electrical that is)

    Don't know how I missed this one. I have a '00 400S with many miles and have kept up with and done most of the recommended DRZ mods. Did this mod today with the following results. Battery: 12.71 volts Pre-mod fast idle: 13.71 volts Post-mod fast idle; 14.33 That's a 0.62 volt improvement (beats the 0.55 estimate). What I like about this mod is that if you blow a fuse, you still charge the battery when you ride. The down side is you now have to kick start the bike (you did make that mod didn't you?). As a previous person commented I also saw an improvement in headlight brightness. My calculations came up with a little over 5 watt improvement, I don't know what that would be in lumens. I "slow" patrol a State Park and have had battery charge issues with lights on all the time including turn signals wired as emergency flasher's. Hopefully this will solve my problem
  7. DRSal

    DRZ 400S Dual Brake Setup

    "Left-hand only" rear brake systems require that the rear brake pedal and master cylinder be removed from the bike. (shown with 2-finger clutch lever) I hope I was able to help!! I was aware of the "left-hand only" for the DRZ. I was hoping to find a "dual- operation" setup.
  8. DRSal

    drz carb removal

    It ain't easy. If you think this is tough, you outa try taking the "dual carbs" out of a mid 80s Honda XR.
  9. DRSal

    DRZ 400S Dual Brake Setup

    Has anyone heard of / know of a dual brake (LH / Foot combo) setup for a DRZ 400S similar to what Rekluse offers for the Honda's and Yamaha's?
  10. DRSal

    Flatland rad guards

    I put the Flatland Racing guards on a 2000 S model with no problem. However, I have a Clarke tank which required me to fab a new (longer) horn bracket.
  11. DRSal

    Stock 2006S front # plate background

    Thanks for the info. How do you like the Terraflex? I've been thinking about one. Don't much like the MT21, I've had better performance with the Dunlop D606. SoCal desert riding.
  12. DRSal

    Stock 2006S front # plate background

    What tires do you have on yur bike? Also, where did you get the front sproket cover?
  13. DRSal

    Kick stand kill switch

    Well, if you really want to keep your killswitch, just zipty the kickstand in the up position. AND, then just look for a tree to hold the bike up when you stop.
  14. DRSal

    Some Carb help please

    Eddie, Did as you suggested (air box cover off). Not much difference. Played with airscrew. Got it to perform without cutout at 2 3/4 to 3 turns out. Seamed a bit much, but runs fairly well now. Dion
  15. DRSal

    Kenda Trackmaster or Terraflex or...

    Batman, Appears you are in love with the Terraflex. Can't seam to find in the thread what you are running up front. I started with MT-21's front and rear. Not so hot. Went to D606 front and rear, some what better. Now have a D739AT on the rear (120/100) and the traction is incredible, but the wear is for s___! Looking to give the Terraflex a try on the rear next time around. Need a front but not settled on what to use. What are you using and experience? Most of my riding is off-road and dual sport (SoCal deserts and mountians). Not much pure street. Any suggestions? DSal