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  1. Same here. The occasional dirt road. Plus you can ride this thing pretty darn fast in the twisties. It is so planted and tracks extremely well and in total comfort. Like a magic carpet. I can ride it in the turns almost as fast as I can my FZ09. Definitely a keeper.
  2. You will love it. I have zero plans to off road it. Thats what I have a WR450 for. It's the real V-Twin every boy needs.
  3. The perfect bike in our Communist state!
  4. Getting too old for sport bikes. Bad back cannot take the rough ride any longer. Picked up a New/Used 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure a couple of days ago to replace my fZ09. Only had 211 miles on it. Man what a bike.
  5. Got me a new pair of Tech 5's. Rode in them yesterday. Awesome boot. Very comfy and the buckle system is fantastic. At age 63 thinking they will probably be my last pair. Hey now I can "die with my boots on" in total style...lol.
  6. Regardless of the brand I thought his unique setup was interesting. Especially when you consider how he waxed the rest of the field last season.
  7. Re-titled this one. Just got the latest edition of Motocross Magazine. They have a feature article on Ken Roczen's championship RM-Z. They had opportunity to ride the very bike he rode and in full race trim. Here are a couple of very interesting quotes: "With Ken's unique style of riding comes an unconventional bike setup. A setup that gives him an edge over the competition." "Kenny likes the brunt of his power delivery from bottom to mid range. He rides wide open about 2% of the time." "This is no normal factory machine. Roczen's smooth Euro style allows him to run soft suspension with an engine that is easy to ride. It reminded us of a Vet rider's bike setup." "The MXA wreaking crew was shocked with how soft Ken likes his suspension. They were like riding on pillows." They conclude the article with: "We especially appreciated that is was one of the few factory bikes that mere mortals could swing a leg over and still enjoy the ride." I find it interesting how this cuts across the conventional wisdom of ya gotta go stiff to go fast. Then you go out and proceed to beat the piss out of yourself. Gee are we having fun yet? Love it when someone dares to be unconventional and then proceeds to beat the pants off the competition.
  8. Wow thanks Krannie. I already knew I loved my 07 WR450 but it's always nice to hear someone else praise it and describe it the way I do. Cheers mate.
  9. This is awesome.
  10. This is good info from a long time rider and wrencher. I too rarely use an actual torque wrench. I mostly rely on the torque wrench in my elbow. Friendly FYI to low time wrenchers. Better to err on the loose side than the tight side. Especially on the smaller bolts and even more so if they are threading into aluminum.
  11. IMHO I would not run any "cleaner" thru my engine. You run the risk of a piece of crud breaking free and plugging an oil galley. Then the bearing surface it supplies loses lubrication resulting in the destruction of that surface. Best to let sleeping dogs lie.
  12. I bought a new 05 450X back in 2006. Thought it was a great bike at the time. Picked up a used 07 WR450 this year and am really impressed. My Honda always felt heavy and never was really comfortable with the way it steered. The WR feels much lighter and more nimble and steers way better than the X. Have not ridden the newer WR's but can only imagine they are much more refined than my 07. Don't think you would be disappointed.
  13. This poor guy is not having a good day. He actually lands in the boat while the bike hits the dock. Thinking the bike is a total loss.
  14. Gotta luv wiring. It's my least favorite too. I did my dual sport lighting kit from scratch on my 07 WR. Royal PITA but got her done and even fooled the DMV. Good luck buddy.
  15. With 100 plus degrees continuing in the valley the only cool spot to ride is the Sierra's. Here are a few pics of the Saturday ride. Mushroom rock and Daulton Station were a couple of points of interest.