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  1. 4x4djb

    KTM 500 EXC 2016

    Swiss Army knife of motorcycles!
  2. 4x4djb

    KTM 500 EXC (2016)


    Swiss Army knife of motorcycles!
  3. 4x4djb

    little naches this weekend?

    I rode it, well some of it two weeks ago from Manashtash. The Taneum area is already whooped out a little bit. But everything seemed opened on this side.
  4. 4x4djb

    Head pipe turning Blue

    I have an 05 525MXC and I know it runs a little rich and my pipe matches the color of my tank after a good ride. So I would say blue is lean. My buddies stock 04 450 pipe turns blue.
  5. 4x4djb

    2007 525 EXC Gearing question.

    I ran 13/52 for a while and would not recomend it. It was to wheelie happy during technical climbs. I just switched to 13/ 50 and found my happy place. You may not need to go quite as low with your EXC. I have an 05 525 MXC. My swing arm slider wears no worse than my buddies with the 14.
  6. Hey guys Ive got an 05 525 MXC. Well actually it used to be a 450. When I bought it it had a power now and minor tweaking. I had a 525 kit put on and love it. I just picked up a used big gun complete exhaust system and was wondering if any of you had run one of these set ups. I mostly woods ride and my buddys 450 has the FMF slip on muffler that sounds deeper and actually seems to help low end tourqe. I am hoping for a similar result. Have any of you run the big gun kit?
  7. 4x4djb

    buying KTM 525MXC

    I ride an 05 525mxc and love everything about it. The one thing I would recomend is playing with the gearing a bit. I found my happy place at 13/50. Mine is not so clean anymore because I ride 1 to 2 times a week in tight trails but with maintenance done right it has yet to let me down. That price sounds decent for the bike.
  8. 4x4djb

    ktm lifespan?

    Do the maintenance and it will last a long time. I ride mine hard, but keep up with oil changes and other maintenance and have not had a problem. And if I am doing a little more maintenance than other brands thats OK with me because I love the performance.
  9. 4x4djb

    450 EXC or 525 EXC - 235 lb. rider

    Get the 525 if you have a choice. I bought the 450 and ended up doing a 525 jug 8 months later. I weigh in at about 200 lbs at 5' 10". The big difference for me has been huge improvement pulling out of technical corners and lofting the front tire when ever necessary or desired.
  10. I just 525'd my 450 and it made a wonderfull world of difference. Also have a power now and had some carb work done. Now it is not just a dream but a wet dream.
  11. 4x4djb

    JD Jet Kit on 2005 450 MXC

    My understanding is that the power vane is not really bringing in more air, but directing it past parts of the carb where it can be more benificial for performance. So same amount of air just makes carb act different. I have one on my 05 450 mxc.
  12. 4x4djb

    clutch cover gasket #

    My 05 450MXC blew that gasket out and put me out for the day 5 min. into a ride. My local dealer had one on the shelf, and I live in a small town so it must be common. Took about 30 min. to change.
  13. 4x4djb


    I've got an 05 450 MXC and I am running a 13 tooth front sprocket and 52 tooth rear with the original chain. I'd like to go a little lower but don't feel like buying a new chain. Anyone out there no what the limits are?
  14. I know a couple of guys who have gotten the DRZ and both of them now are regretting it and wanting to make the switch to the EXC. I personaly bought an 05 450 MXC for my first ride after nine years of not riding and love it heaps. After a year of riding it I am now going to do the 525 treatment to it.
  15. 4x4djb

    I wan't more power!!

    I vary between 200 and 215 lbs. I mostly woods ride and one of the main areas where I get left behind my buddies on 525s is klimbing the savage hills locally and coming out of tight switchback corners. Where I live I am 30 minutes from sand, rocky terrian, mud, or pretty much any kind of trails. I run a soft maxxis tire and seem to get pretty good grip. I am going to try riding a track or two just for fun this year just for a new experience. Thanks for the options.