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  1. I know man i screwed up. Its nobodys fault but my own. Just trying to dig my way out now lol. Yeah i think im gonna buy a wheel. I appreciate the help so far!!!
  2. Okay 93 bearings do not fit into a 92 wheel. The outside diameter is too small. So i think i have 2 choices: 1. buy a 93 front wheel 2. Buy a correct set of 92 forks and rebuild those and maybe sell my 93 forks back on ebay the bottoms of the forks dont come off right?
  3. 93 vs 92. Im hoping 93 bearings will solve this
  4. I ended up buying that set from the 93 with the axle and triple trees and all. Sent all the junk to pro pilot, they made 2 shit sets into 1 good set but now the axle is the wrong size. According to the microfiche on motosport, the 92 and 93 have the same part numbers for the axle and axle nuts, but the axle from this 93 is bigger and doesnt fit thru my 92 wheel. What do i do? Who was wrong? The ebayer or motosport? Can i just swap in 93 bearings into my 92 wheel? Im so bummed out
  5. So i sent my suspension out to pro pilot because it was clapped out but the guys over there said my forks are too pitted to use. So now im on the hunt for forks/lower fork tubes that will fit my 1992 kx125. Was the 92 kx250 the same forks? I really dont want to change the triple trees and make this a frankenstien bike lol
  6. Title says it all. My 92 kx125 lost the oil plug while i was riding. I probably was riding about 5 minutes after it fell out and it started making an awful whistling/metallic sound. Pretty sure it was the clutch because once i filled it with oil and temporarily plugged the drain the noise went away. Anyway my question is can i drill that drain plug hole out and tap a bigger size? Its totally stripped. I looked inside the hole and it appears there might be an oil valley of some sort in my way. Not sure it this will be kosher so im asking you guys first.
  7. My friend found the old piston. It has the opening you guys mentioned but i still dont understand how it gets fuel if the top of the piston never falls below the intake port.
  8. Haha i know that exact feeling. Kids a an open class dirtbike is a memorable combination.
  9. Thanks for the great info. I will clean out the cases with a shop vac when i take the exhaust off and check for that cutaway on the piston skirt and take another video.
  10. My friend has a 1982 cr480 that he claims was fully rebuilt. We hit it with starter fluid, checked for spark (which is strong), kicked the shit out of it, and even tried dragging it behind a quad. This thing never even chuckled. No bang, no hint, nothing. I think it has major internal issues. I removed the carb and reed valve and realized the piston never falls bellow the intake port. Check out the slow motion video i took and let me know what you think. This is a view from the carb side of the jug.
  11. Id like to mix some 100 octane fuel with regular 93 pump gas so i dont have to be worried about my bike pinging constantly. Theres no pumps that sell race fuel around here on long island that i know of, but my local speed shop has a ton of different canned fuels. Should i be avoiding leaded fuel? How does it affect these bikes? (2000 cr250 in particular)
  12. Haha i guess he went and made an account. Sorry for the indirect double post
  13. My buddy's 1999 kx125 has always had a weird low end bog. We tore it down to do the top end and realized that the power valve is not there. The valves are missing. It appears that the linkage is all there. Why would somebody do this? I cant even find a replacement on ebay. Would kx80 parts fit?