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  1. hondaracer21

    2002 CR250 surging on deceleration

    How many turns out is the air screw? I noticed this problem when i was younger and started getting faster. I had to step up the pilot jet size to accomodate the throttle going from wide open rpms to abrubtly shutting while entering a turn or something. For that moment when the throttle is shut but the motor is still turning high rpms, it leans out and surges. A bigger pilot fixed this problem by allowing more fuel during decel
  2. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 misfire

    Update: i found the culprit. So the coil is mounted to the frame with 2 tabs welded to the frame. The frontward tab broke off, so just the rear tab was holding the coil on. The frontward tab also has 2 ground wires on it. Switched the ground wires over to the rear tab and the problem was fixed. I also switched out that huge 200 main for a 160 and the bike is like night and day. She rips once again. Thanks for the help!
  3. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 misfire

    INTERESTING! When i got this bike it had some aftermarket reed valve with a junk boot that leaked like crazy. I replaced it with all stock kawi parts. The filter boot was also a dry rotted mess, also replaced with kawi parts. It makes sense! Good call man. I have a jet kit on the way
  4. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 misfire

    Yes i agree thats huge. I wonder why someone did that
  5. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 misfire

    Ive never even looked at the power valve on this particular bike but the shop that rebuilt the motor said they went over the power valve during the rebuild (I brought them the whole motor). I run maxima formula k2 at 32:1 with half pump 93 and half 110 leaded.
  6. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 misfire

    So my 92 kx125 was fully rebuilt last year and has been running mint. But suddenly a few days ago it developed a nasty misfire at high rpm’s. It breaks up as if somebody is tapping the kill switch. Immediately swapped in a new plug and saw no change. Got it home and did a compression test, it showed about 140psi cold. so i dont think i murdered the top end. I tore down the carb and it looked pretty good but i cleaned and inspected everything anyway. The main jet is a #200 and the pilot is a #50. Both of which seemed a little fat to me but i dont know what these came with from the factory. Id assume something like a 160 main though. Fuel/air screw is usually about 1 turn out. Still no improvements. I ordered a new (used) ignition coil out of frustration. Not really sure what else it could be.
  7. hondaracer21

    What forks fit my 92 kx125

    I know man i screwed up. Its nobodys fault but my own. Just trying to dig my way out now lol. Yeah i think im gonna buy a wheel. I appreciate the help so far!!!
  8. hondaracer21

    What forks fit my 92 kx125

    Okay 93 bearings do not fit into a 92 wheel. The outside diameter is too small. So i think i have 2 choices: 1. buy a 93 front wheel 2. Buy a correct set of 92 forks and rebuild those and maybe sell my 93 forks back on ebay the bottoms of the forks dont come off right?
  9. hondaracer21

    What forks fit my 92 kx125

    93 vs 92. Im hoping 93 bearings will solve this
  10. hondaracer21

    What forks fit my 92 kx125

    I ended up buying that set from the 93 with the axle and triple trees and all. Sent all the junk to pro pilot, they made 2 shit sets into 1 good set but now the axle is the wrong size. According to the microfiche on motosport, the 92 and 93 have the same part numbers for the axle and axle nuts, but the axle from this 93 is bigger and doesnt fit thru my 92 wheel. What do i do? Who was wrong? The ebayer or motosport? Can i just swap in 93 bearings into my 92 wheel? Im so bummed out
  11. hondaracer21

    What forks fit my 92 kx125

    So i sent my suspension out to pro pilot because it was clapped out but the guys over there said my forks are too pitted to use. So now im on the hunt for forks/lower fork tubes that will fit my 1992 kx125. Was the 92 kx250 the same forks? I really dont want to change the triple trees and make this a frankenstien bike lol
  12. hondaracer21

    1992 kx125 oil plug stripped

    Title says it all. My 92 kx125 lost the oil plug while i was riding. I probably was riding about 5 minutes after it fell out and it started making an awful whistling/metallic sound. Pretty sure it was the clutch because once i filled it with oil and temporarily plugged the drain the noise went away. Anyway my question is can i drill that drain plug hole out and tap a bigger size? Its totally stripped. I looked inside the hole and it appears there might be an oil valley of some sort in my way. Not sure it this will be kosher so im asking you guys first.
  13. hondaracer21

    Cr480 wont start. video included.

    My friend found the old piston. It has the opening you guys mentioned but i still dont understand how it gets fuel if the top of the piston never falls below the intake port.