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    Brain & Thunder Alley - A Joke?

    Right off the top, I have no affiliation with Thunder Alley what so ever. I have been researching for a system for my bike that has a spark arrestor and would give me some more power. I talked with Bob today for about 25 minutes in regards to his pipe for the 450. He told me he does not do any dyno because he has no faith in them, they can put out whatever the individual conducting the dyno wants to have them say. His pipes are made from seat of the pants testing. He did say that from the individuals that have tested his pipes or purchased them that there is an increase in power all through the rpm range. He was perfectly honest as to say he couldn't tell me what kind of power increases there are as far (ie 8500 rpm = 47.6 hp). Basically it comes down to the fact that I agree with him, it all depends on who is doing the dyno. I have compared every system is listed in Feb Dirtrider and if you go strictly off of the dyno #'s the White Brothers "E" series is the best pipe for the 450. Every pipe in the test lost out to the stock sytem in aleast ten of the rpm ranges where the White Brothers only lost out to the stock in five of the rpm ranges and yet this system didn't even make it into there top picks We also talked about the sound and he said that they had tested there pipe at 101db and here again it all depends on who is doing the test and how it is conducted. The Feb Dirtrider shows the stock system at 102db. I talked to promotobillet about their spark arrestor and quiet insert and they said that when they tested the stock system it came out at 96 or 97 db and with their quiet insert it came out at 94db. So here again is an example of who is doing the testing and how it was conducted. When I told Bob that I wanted to keep the bike as quiet as possible because unfortunately sound is becoming and issue, he told me that in all actuality if you wanted the best performance and keep the exhaust note low to stay with the stock exhaust and purchase the spark arrestor and quiet core from promotobillet. Now as far as promotobillet goes I had seen a few post in here from them that they were going to do some testing to se what kind of power loss there would be with the quiet insert. They have not been able to conduct the test yet so couldn't tell me anything there though. They did tell me though that if I was not happy with it they would be more than willing to take it back. Well in a round about way some of this post was in response to the TA comments which after talking with Bob is that if you purchase one of his pipes and don't like it he will gladly take it back. The other portion is the sound issue. I've seen alot of comments about who cares if the pipe is loud. Well like I said before noise is becoming an issue. For those that ride in southern Ca they banned fourstrokes from Barona Oaks track for about 2 months last year do to the noise. If you stop and look around at where most of the tracks are loocated around here you will notice housing developements going in all around them. So don't be surprised one day when you go to your local track and find them doing sound checks and you can't ride because your bike is to loud.
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    Pick yourself up copy of the May Dirt Bike, they have a pretty good artical in it on the KLX 110. One thingthat you will need to look at is how big your son is. The seat hieght on the KLX is only 26". I found out the hard way when it comes to buying bikes for kids that it is alot cheaper to go a little on the big side and let them grow into it other wise it gets real expensive. The nice thing about the little 110 though is if you wind up keeping it for a few years it has the hop up potential. Off the show room floor it comes with an 3 speed auto clutch just like the XR50 but once the kid has the hang of things you can spend a little mnore money and have them open it up to your standard multi-plate clutch. This bike is originally a four speed, they left that in there. All they did was block off the 4th gear. They are also saying that the motor has the capability to be bored out to over 200cc so if you have a small kid you can definately keep him with enough power. There is already numerous after market companies that a putting out products for it to, for example Powroll has an exhaust for it and they are the same ones saying it can be punched out to over 200cc.
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    TT Graphics rough draft

    NIce and clean looking but you might want to look into the legality of putting Yamaha's tuning for logo on there. That is a registered trademark of Yamaha.
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    Anyone needing a TM Designworks slider?

    Don't waste your your 12 to 16 dollars on the UFO slider. I put one on mine and let mine son use the bike for practice at Comp park. He rode for about five hours and the slider was shot by the time he finished. I checked the adjustment at the start of the day and like three other times thru out the day and it still wore the thing out.
  5. D's_CRF450

    Power Now carb wing

    One of the guys had one of these installed on his CRF450 just recently and says it works great. Haven't tried it myself but there is several post on the honda page about this and the manufacturer has also posted several things giving a few details about it.
  6. D's_CRF450

    Rear Axle Bolt

    It's 32MM. You must have misread your manual.
  7. D's_CRF450


    You can always check out the new Suzuki's or the Kawasaki's. Some of the shops in San Diego have the DRZ125's and from what I understand the KLX125's are due out in June. Don't know it your stuck on the Honda's or Yamaha's. I haven't did an all out comparison on them but from what I have seen they are all pretty comparable. Now if the KLX125's are going to be anything like the KLX110's they came out with earlier this year then they will have alot of hop up potential.
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    4 mm offset change Tclamps - group buy

    I'm new to this so if I mess it up don't bother harassing me about it. I just called in my order for the t-clamps and talked to Kyle. From what I've seen alot of you are asking about delivery. He told me they ship them ups and I should expect delivery in about two weeks from today. I'm in CA so if your on the east coast or mid-west you should get them a little quicker. Thanks for the info on this.