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  1. rjfrider

    2009 KTM xcfw 4 stroke

    make sure your oil level is not too high. In my '07, I run it about 1/3 of the way up the sight glass when cold. If too high an oil level, high revs will blow the excess through the breather tube and into the air box. My manual calls for too much oil to be added on changes, even when I replace the filter. I take several checks to make sure I'm at that 1/3 up level when I change oil and filter. Hope this helps. rider
  2. Couldn't wait so got the xcf-w. Here in CO, we should be able to plate with brake light, rear reflectors, mirrors, dual sport tires, and electric horn. Thought it would be less expensive with lower MSRP and to add the above than to re-gear both sprockets, maybe a new chain. rider
  3. rjfrider

    350 exc

    Don't think the 6-Days model 350 will come to the US. rider
  4. rjfrider

    Carbon Fiber Skid Plates

    Got an eline on my 2007 xcf-w. It's taken lots of hits over the past 5 years and held up well. rider
  5. rjfrider

    esentials for riding alone

    - Front tube, tire irons with axle nut and rim lock size socket ends, 4 CO2 cartridges and adapter, tire patch kit and extra patches/glue, windex (in front fender bag) - plug, jets and jetting tools (wrench and screwdriver) (in fanny pack) - Basic tools - needle nose and cutter, allens, small vice grip, screwdriver multi tool, socket tool, wrenches, chain breaker and master link tool (rear fender bag) - extra chain links and master, wire, zip ties, duct tape, bolts/nuts, jb weld, radiator hose, broken clutch lever as spare, shift lever, spoke wrench, tp, paper towels, shop cloth, tow rope, first aid (fanny pack) - $, ID and gps on bars - 2 granola bars and 1 power bar, 2 liter camelback, flashlight, lighter, wd-40, big trash bag for rain cover (in camelback) That's my list
  6. rjfrider

    2007 xcfw question about drive chain

    my 07 was a non 0-ring chain. When it wore out, I went with an X-ring chain as a replacement. It's wearing alot longer, and is easier to turn than an 0-ring. Rider
  7. rjfrider

    08 250 Xcf-w

    Get some BPD radiator guards, ktm hard parts hand guards/bark busters, eline pipeguards (front and rear) and skid plate, and a shark fin for the rear rotor. I would pass on a front rotor guard......in more than 30 years of racing/trailriding, I've never bent a front rotor. Hope this helps. Rider
  8. rjfrider

    what 250f for trails

    Had a crf250x and now have the KTM 250xcf-w. The KTM handles better, has a better engine hit and really revs out. Try riding both before you decide. My 07 KTM is probably the best dirt bike I've owned over the years, and I've owned lots of them. Hope this helps. Rider
  9. rjfrider

    2008 KTM XC-W & XC-W(e) report

    jsthumper: The 200 xcw will wear you out in the gnarly/tight single track. I've owned two before going to 250cc 4ts........first Honda and now KTM. I also have an older 300. The 200s are so light and powerful that they'll deflect off roots, rocks and logs unless you are spot on with clutch and throttle control. Even though they are lighter, they wore me out much more because of the power/weight. The 4ts have much more controllable power and don't deflect like a 2t. Maybe the right bike for you would be a 250 xcw-e with a heavier flywheel......something that will control deflection in tight gnarly single track. I've also gone with an autoclutch on my 4t........works miracles on rocky uphills and off cambers. Hope this helps. Rider
  10. With trails and fire roads or dirt roads, you'll probably want the w tranny so you're not topped out at 50 mph. Rider
  11. rjfrider

    250 XC-W or 250 XCF-W

    I had a couple of 200 excs. then went to an 04 crf250x and now have a 250 xcf-w. The current bike is the best!. Nimble handling, quick, linear acceleration and good handling if you set it up right with jetting, suspension sag and the like. It does not seem to deflect as much from off camber roots/loose rocks as a 2t. I seem to tire less with the 4t power. Hope this helps. Rider
  12. rjfrider

    KTM 300 XC-W (e) or KTM 250 XCF-W HELP?

    I'm 54 and 170#; I bought an 07 250 xcf-w and have found it to be the best dirt bike/racer I've ever owned. I like the linear power of the 4t. Also, the bike will rev to the moon, and for me it's just a matter of being in the correct gear. With 6 speeds, the gearing is spot on......maybe drop 2 teeth at the rear. It's much more responsive motor wise and flickable chassis wise than my crf250x. The 300 would be an excellent choice also........do you want to rip between berms or motor between them? My older 300 feels lighter than the 250, but again, I prefer the linear power of the little 4t. Hope this helps. Rider
  13. rjfrider

    akrapovic or FMF Q4

    hey KTM Chic..........you can get a $17 long strap for the Q4.......that's what I did and shazam, no more bent tabs with a right side drop. Also, someone tested their Q4 and it came in the same as Akro - 92 db. If you want a trail vid with the Q4 on your bike, pm me your email addy and I'll send it to ya. Rider
  14. rjfrider

    2008 250xcf-w for enduros?

    Ditto to all of the above: I use mine for trail riding and enduro racing. It's fast, light and handles well........easily flickable and feels lighter than it is. The motor is snappy and the power tractable. It's probably one of the best off road dirt bikes that I've owned. Hope this helps. Rider
  15. EE also has a lighting kit that's around the same price as the KTM lighting kit. I have fun adding the stuff I wanted for the bike, so making it into a woods bike from a gncc bike was no problem for me.......just more fun. Rider