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  1. What's up? When will you guys close this topic? LOL
  2. I live in Yokohama. If you are new to Japan, live near Yokohama and looking for dirt bike buddies, need some help, I think I can help you and ride with you.
  3. I miss Flint ridge!
  4. Dale, thank for the pics. I had great time that night!
  5. Hey guys! I'm here! Anybody going to GNCC this weekend, please say hello to Takeshi Koikeda #113 and cheer him up. He is racing XC1. I took his riding class and rode with him a couple of times last year and this summer.
  6. A helmet cam video clip of a XC race that was held at a snow resort in Japan. I am on about 50 sec. I got stuck in slimy mud just right after that. I hate mud...
  7. I think they are down due to the several severe storms by typhoons last fall. I am riding 3-4 times a month,almost every weekend.
  8. I guess I am not riding bike but pushing/pulling bike this year...
  9. This is the place I ride one or twice a month. Be that as it may, I have attended his riding school a couple of times recently and we had a send-off riding & cook-out party with him today. If you had a chance to go GNCC next year, say hello to him, cheer him up. And tell him you are my friend.
  10. Nice! Is this a XC or XC-W?
  11. It could be very possible here in Japan.
  12. Mine is 250 and I love it much more than the KLX450 and the KTM200. The engine and the carb of my 200 may need to be serviced so it is not fair to comapre with but I am sure I am not a 2st guy. I love my KLX450 since I modded it a lot and it ran great recently, especially in my last Ironman GNCC last year. But the new 250 is the best among those three even though it does not have a Rekluse yet. I like the FI also. Here we have a lot of elevation changes but I do not have to worry about the carb setting. Once it got a Rekluse, I do not know how much I will like it more than now. There is MFJ (Motorcycle Federation of Japan). Most of off-road races do not require to be a member of it but most of motocross races do.
  13. It's usual here:banghead:
  14. I rode a local harescramble race today, too. The course was short as I did 17 laps in 2hr 10min but it was fun and technical, wet rocks, cray, tight and twisty hill climbs and down hills, and MX section. I got 7th place in C class out of about 30 riders.
  15. Don't ask... I am just very lucky to meet the local rider who knows the local forestry.