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  1. California

  2. California

    Intrested in any rides anywhere almost anytime email me ddecot03@yahoo.com pacifica ca
  3. Your hundred and sixty pounds is appling the rear brake loosen the rear brake up if your going to ride it
  4. Get him a Glider bike when he masters that a pedal bike with hand brakes when he masters that get him a Toy handle bar thingy with a working throttle so he can learn to use a throttle. Throttle ON throttle OFF (kids tend to whisky throttle and crash and never want to ride again)And then get him a OSET so he can ride all day everyday......
  5. Adjust the brake levers there is a set screw on the houseing
  6. California

    Its our state rock for Heavens sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Was wondering if anybody wanted to start a riders group for our little guys and gals A group that meets and rides with each other the focus of course would be on helping our kids progress in the sport, racing and riding Im in the SF bay area ddecot722sbcglobal.net let me know:ride:
  8. he had a great time
  9. Declan Decots first race he had a blast
  10. California

    We all need to get together have a million person march roll up on washington with a shit load of bikes make a shit load of noise (create a new party )We can call it the COMMON SENSE PARTY!!!!!!!!LETS SEE KTM SELLS BIKE MAKES MONEY PAYS THERE SALES FORCE THERE SALES FORCE BUYS TVS CLOTHS FEEDS THERE KIDS SO ON AND SO ON THE CIRCLE OF LIFE IS STARTED (SELL BUY PAY)
  11. :banana:get yourself a nonprofit status and work with the land owners to create a safe place to ride and make sure somewhere in your lease agreement the land over has a quick out they will go for it a win win for you the kids and the land owner maybe even a tax break for the land owner depends on your tax laws
  12. If there is anybody out there with a little one that needs a ridding buddy let me know my boy is 4 loves to ride but he is in need of a peer somebody around his age to ride with :ride:email me ddecot72@sbcglobal.net
  13. Get a Oset started my son on one when he was 2 never had to use training wheels now hes riding a jr50 has been since he was 3 no training wheels
  14. Take the carb out take it apart and purchase a rebuild kit replace the float and the inlet needle clean all the jets and passages with compressed air or a brake clean aresol can wear glasses ( whats probably happening is the fuel stop isnt stopping the fuel causeing it to overfill the bowl the only out is the jets and the overflow createing a choke out make sure the air filter housing is complete they wont run right without that black cover and check to see if the jets are the right size for your area I think stock main is 56 o yea remove one of the pilot jets should be two in there and clean the exhaust out with the rest of the brake clean clogged silencer bad performance they run dirty
  15. Looks like Ryans publisist needs to update his web page aug 2010 is alittle old