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  1. nallac

    What year DR250/350 rims fit DR650

    so does any year DR350 rims fit? I don't need a cush drive hub it'll only be for the dirt? (and most likely the ocasional blast to work and back when im to lazy to change rims.) Once i get sum 17"s laced up.
  2. nallac

    What year DR250/350 rims fit DR650

    Hi all I have read in here that DR250 and 350 rear rims fit on the 650,(04) can anyone tell me from what year/s and up fit.? I have another front hub to lace up to a 17" ,love the super motard look. ( when the dollars allow of course ). so i'm lookin for another rear for the dirt Cheers:ride:
  3. nallac

    Custom Supermoto Fender and EASY license plate relocation

    What a awesum idea ,I just finished the same #plate mod . you gave me the motivation to finaly get rid of the reflectors and put them to good use,I also added a small #plate light i had laying around. So easy and looks so good.
  4. nallac

    Post photos of your DR 650 supermoto

    well 2000dr650 your pillion seat sure looks comfy ,don't think my missus would like the height but,
  5. nallac

    Newb here!

    if you join up to the dr650 owners group on Yahoo they have a downloadable manual on their links page