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  1. I have been riding trails since i was a young teenager, but in mass legal riding areas are becoming a thing of the past. all that is left is the motocross tracks. So I was going to buy an mx bike to replace my trusty xr400. I am trying to decide if a 250r will be enough or if I should go with a 450. My feeling is that the 450 has more power than most people will ever really use. Most people never push the 450s to their limits. f i was looking for an offroad bike I would have no problem riding the bigger bike. But on a track were rhythm and speed matter i am not sure. Off I know how to ride but not so much mx. so any advice? btw i weight about 170 and I am about 5 foot 8 inches tall
  2. horsepower wise your bike has more, but torque wise the xr is king.
  3. 7d7

    my 3 wheeler bit my leg off. GRAPHIC

    o $#!+ wow. I can see it now. Dude why's my leg hurt? Um... you got a big hole in it dude. My mom is going to kill me.
  4. 7d7

    2.0 L 2-stroke motor

    and whats even more impressive is that this guy isnt even an engineer. Just an experienced pilot.
  5. 7d7

    What to ask for my 2004 XR400R?

    Great, now the person who offered tto buy the bike dose not want to buy it any more. Any one looking for a 04 XR4?
  6. 7d7

    2.0 L 2-stroke motor

    Screw that thing man. Cool as it is it dose not compare to this guy.This guys pack actually works. He flew across the English channel with it. http://www.jet-man.com/prod/index.html This site is not english Ima keep looking for one in english. heres a you tube video
  7. nm I should read the whole thread before posting.
  8. I was just curious what you all think my bike is worth. It is a 2004, has moose fat bars, moose aluminum hand guards, and a moose aluminum skid plate. Also I have installed a trail tech computer. I have kept track of the millage since I bought it new in 2005, it has less than 400 miles on it. I know I didn't ride it at all. The only thing i think that might need to be replaced is the chain. Al the sprockets are in good shape. The tire have good enough tread on them. And the graphics on the tank have since bubled, so I scraped them off. Still bits of them left on there though. I got an offer for the bike for $2000, I was just wondering what a reasonable price would be for the bike.
  9. I will be leaving for the service soon, USMC, and I was wondering what I should do for long term storage for my bike. i was thinking just drain al fo the gas out of it, run the carb dry, and drain the oil also, then just put it up on a stand so the tires do not have any weight on them and that would be that. any one else got any info on what I should do? Or maybe just tip that may help? Alo the place I will be storing my bike is kind of damp, so I was thinking about misting the bike with some WD-40 in the hopes it would keep the moister from doing any harm.
  10. 7d7

    CR500 VS 650R Race for Cash

    top sped on the xr is faster but the acceleration on the cr is faster. If you could race on the road over a long distance then i think you could win. but make shure it is a long run. Im shure that with the right gearing that xr could cruise at 80.
  11. 7d7

    Insanely priced parts

    I do not see why any one is surprised. This has been going on for ever, and not just in the auto motive/ motorcycle industries. Any retail product is marked up a million percent.The fact that the sole purpose of any thing sold on the market is to make money (aka greed), that means I expect to get ripped off, always.
  12. I remember there being a north eastern off road series, but I can not remember the name. I think the name contained something about like north atlantic something. Dose any one know what I am talking about? never mind I found it. It was named Atlantic grand prix.
  13. I was wondering if any one could give me some general info on the out door mx race series. Like maybe what tracks they race and were they are and how many races there are. I do not get any tv stations that broadcast mx races so I have never been able to follow them closely so I do not know a whole lot about it.
  14. " Holy hell, way to go boys.Now lets go get some pizzas, or maybe see what the inside of a jail looks like" Hell yeagh that was awsome. Like something a day dreaming kid would think of.
  15. Here in mass some state police are making triple didget salaries. You know why? It is overtime for directing traffic. Some have made over 200,000 year.